Headspace Launches VR Mental Health App on Meta Quest Platforms

Key Takeaways

  • Headspace XR, a new VR app for mental wellness, is now available on Meta Quest devices.
  • Users can engage in mindfulness activities like breathing exercises and mood tracking in a virtual playground.
  • Headspace XR aims to foster positive habits and address concerns over mental health and loneliness.

Headspace XR, a new VR app for mental wellness, debuts on Meta Quest devices.

Headspace has entered the virtual reality space by partnering with Meta and Nexus Studios. Its new app, Headspace XR, promotes mental health and is now accessible on Meta Quest 3, Quest 2, and Quest Pro platforms.

The application features a virtual playground where users engage in mindfulness activities guided by instructors Dora Kamau and Kessonga Giscombe. In this immersive environment, users can explore breathing exercises, body scans, and mood tracking.

Furthermore, Headspace XR integrates mixed reality experiences. This feature supports users in developing positive habits and learning new skills. The app offers solo and group participation options, catering to different user preferences.

Priced at under $30, Headspace XR represents a strategic move by Headspace. The company is transitioning from its conventional platform to embrace virtual reality technology. This shift aims to address the growing concerns over mental health and loneliness, particularly among the youth.

A study by Gallup and Meta highlights the urgency of these issues. It reveals that a significant portion of adults worldwide feel lonely, with the problem being more acute among those aged 15 to 29. Through Headspace XR, the company seeks to mitigate these challenges by leveraging VR’s immersive potential.