Helium ($HNT) Price Targets New Highs With Wallet Update

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Key Takeaways

  • Helium's price surges to $5.89, boosting its market cap to $929.4 million and securing its 92nd place on CoinMarketCap amid general crypto market growth.
  • Helium Wallet App's update to version 2.7.7 addresses stability issues, enhancing network reliability and user confidence, potentially increasing HNT demand.
  • Helium Mobile introduces a $20 group plan for up to eight people, offering unlimited data and no complex contracts, enhancing value and user convenience.
  • Helium’s latest surge to $5.89 and the pivotal wallet update signal robust growth, enhancing network reliability and HNT’s market stance.

    Amidst a bustling cryptocurrency market, Helium (HNT) has captured attention with its recent price surge to $5.89, preceded by a substantial weekly gain.

    This performance has notably elevated Helium’s market capitalization to $929.4 million, securing its 92th place on CoinMarketCap. With a circulating supply of 160.8 million HNT and a cap of 223 million coins, the potential for future valuation shifts appears promising.

    Helium Wallet App Update Enhances Network Stability and HNT Prospects

    Helium’s latest tweet announces an update to the Helium Wallet App version 2.7.7 for Android and iOS, which fixes a crash issue from the previous version. This update is crucial for ensuring the stability and efficiency of hotspot location assertions across the Helium network.

    By resolving this quickly and effectively, Helium boosts user confidence and network reliability, potentially increasing the demand and value of HNT.

    Continuous improvements like these encourage user engagement and contribute to the robustness of the Helium ecosystem, fostering a healthier environment for HNT growth.

    Helium Mobile Launches $20 Group Plans

    Helium Mobile, a mobile service that offers unlimited data plans and operates on the Helium Network, has provided a straightforward and economical solution. Their new feature allows up to eight people to enjoy unlimited data, talk, and text for just $20 per month.

    This approach eliminates the need for data sharing and complex contracts, setting Helium apart as a leading choice for mobile users seeking both value and convenience.

    • Simplicity and Savings: Each person gets their unlimited data, ensuring no concerns about data overages or uneven usage among members.
    • Cost-effective: For a group of eight, the total comes to just $160 per month, offering significant savings over individual plans, particularly with unlimited data.

    These plans are budget-friendly and free from binding long-term commitments typical of traditional mobile plans. Users can enjoy the flexibility to alter or exit their plans without penalties. To join, users simply need to update their Helium Mobile app to the latest version.

    Helium Mobile Expands Coverage with Boosted Locations in LA and NYC

    Helium Mobile is enhancing its Los Angeles and New York City network by introducing Boosted Locations. This initiative aims to improve coverage and performance by deploying Helium Mobile hotspots in these key urban areas.

    Users participating in this program can earn extra mobile rewards, incentivizing the growth and strengthening of the network where it’s needed most.

    • Earn Rewards: Deploy hotspots in designated areas to receive MOBILE rewards.
    • Enhanced Connectivity: Strengthen network performance in critical regions.

    This strategic expansion rewards users and ensures more reliable mobile service in bustling metropolitan areas. Hence, this could be another reason for an uptrend in HNT prices.

    Helium Price Prediction

    Helium’s technical analysis centers around a pivot point at $5.45, which serves as a baseline to monitor price direction. The next resistance levels are observed at $5.95, $6.41, and $6.89, which are key thresholds for potential price ceilings. Conversely, support levels begin at $4.89 and descend to $4.50 and $3.96, which could provide floors where price declines may halt.

    Helium shows signs of a bullish trend, consistently trading above the upward trendline of approximately $5.40. Recent trading activity that closed above this mark indicates a possible continuation of this upward trajectory, aiming for resistance targets starting at $5.95 and potentially reaching as high as $6.41.

    The Relative Strength Index (RSI) at 56 supports this optimistic view by signaling strong buying interest. Furthermore, the 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) at $4.92 underpins this positive momentum.

    If Helium’s price remains above the pivot point, it suggests the possibility for further gains up to the noted resistance levels. However, a drop below $5.45 might signal a trend reversal, potentially pushing the price to the identified support figures.