Hippocratic AI Raises $53M in Funding, Valuation Soars to $500M

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Key Takeaways

  • Hippocratic AI raises $53M in Series A, valuation hits $500M.
  • The startup launches AI staffing platform to alleviate healthcare worker load.
  • Hippocratic AI has safety-first focus, aligning with societal value creation.

Palo Alto-based Hippocratic AI has secured $53 million in Series A funding.

The AI startup boosted its valuation to $500 million, with total capital raised now at $120 million.

Established in 2023, Hippocratic AI envisions LLMs transforming global healthcare outcomes. Their inaugural product, undergoing phase three safety trials, is a generative AI-driven staffing platform for healthcare. It aims to relieve healthcare workers by deploying AI agents for low-risk tasks, allowing human staff to concentrate on more intricate areas.

Munjal Shah, Hippocratic AI’s co-founder and CEO, emphasized its safety-centric approach. He highlighted the phased safety testing and transparent publication of results as pivotal in its journey, echoing its commitment to safety over profits.

Sandesh Patnam, Managing Partner at Premji Invest, praised Hippocratic AI’s safety-first stance, aligning with the Azim Premji Foundation’s ethos of societal value creation. He expressed optimism about their potential to revolutionize healthcare with a secure LLM.

The funding reflects the growing interest in AI-driven healthcare solutions. Google introduced MedLM, claiming expert-level healthcare task performance. Additionally, companies like Corti, Glass Health, and MLCommons are making significant strides in the healthcare-oriented LLM arena.