Insta360’s First 8K 360-degree Camera Is Ready for Extreme Sports

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Key Takeaways

  • Insta360 has unveiled its first 8K 360-degree action camera, the X4.
  • The new camera is ready for sports with lens guards, a larger battery, and a more durable design.
  • The X4 is available now for $500.

Insta360 has launched its first 8K 360-degree camera, the X4.

The newly released action cam takes advantage of the 8K resolution to produce immersive third-person videos that stay sharp even when you pick one angle for a conventional video, Insta360 said. While you’re limited to shooting at 30 frames per second, this may be ideal for creators who want to integrate 360-degree footage into mixed-format productions.

The X4 also improves the resolution of 60FPS video to 5.7K, and offers 100FPS slow-motion footage at 4K. The GoPro-style conventional action camera mode has been upgraded to 4K at 60FPS, with a 170-degree ultrawide mode available at 30FPS.

Insta360 also promised meaningful upgrades in the X4 for extreme sports fans. The new cam offers removable standard and scratch-resistant “Premium” lens guards that should protect the camera during rougher adventures. The 2.5-inch touchscreen is both larger than before and tougher with Gorilla Glass. Battery life has also improved dramatically with up to 135 minutes of 5.7K video at 30FPS. That’s 67% longer than before, the company said.

The X4 is waterproof down to 33ft by itself, and can handle depths of 164ft with an optional dive case. It survives temperatures down to -4F (-20C) for snowboarding and other winter sports.

Software also plays an important role. Insta360’s signature spinning “Bullet Time” mode now records in 5.7K at 120FPS, and you’ll find both 8K hyperlapses and 11K timelapses. The hands-off AI Edit tool is faster and better at detecting subjects, too.

The X4 is available today for $500.

The 8K support may give Insta360 a significant advantage over larger competitors. GoPro’s similarly-priced Max hasn’t been updated for a while, and tops out at 6K video with 16ft waterproofing. While many action video makers prioritize frame rate over sheer detail, the X4 provides more creative options without necessarily compromising quality.