iPhone 16 Pro Shakeup: Will Apple Unveil New Colors?

Key Takeaways

  • New color options expected for iPhone 16 Pro series this autumn.
  • Leaked information indicates some titanium colors might be removed.
  • Rose might also be added as a closer option to gold.

Recent rumors about the iPhone 16 Pro suggest that we can look forward to new color options this autumn, indicating a significant change in Apple’s approach to design.

This is after the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max release last September, which brought a new titanium design to Apple’s lineup.

Currently, the iPhone 15 Pro models are available in four distinct colors, all featuring the word ‘titanium.’ These include natural, blue, white, and black titanium. A leak from Weibo, highlighted by leaker ShrimpApplePro on X, reveals plans to discontinue one of these colors and modify the others this autumn.

This represents a larger shift than usual, as Apple typically maintains the color scheme of the Pro series or introduces one additional standout color.

What Does 2024 Hold For The iPhone 16 Pro Series?

Leaks suggest that blue titanium and natural titanium will not be included in the next iPhone series, leaving them out entirely.

It’s also noted that last autumn, there was no gold option in the Pro range for the first time since the iPhone X. Gold has been a regular color choice from the iPhone Xs series onwards.

The new information points to Rose being introduced as a new color for the iPhone 16 Pro. This might be the closest option to gold that will be available, at least for now. Apple has released several rose gold iPhones in the past, so it’s possible that the new rose color on a titanium base could offer a similar golden appearance.

Looking into the upcoming color refresh in more detail:

  • Rose: Set to be the only entirely new color in the iPhone 16 Pro lineup, suggesting a slight nod towards the previously available gold but with a modern twist.
  • Gray: This color might be an update of the existing natural titanium seen in the iPhone 15 Pro series, hopefully retaining much of its original appeal.
  • White Titanium: Known for its sleek look, white titanium is expected to return with minor tweaks, challenging the idea that white cannot have different shades.
  • Space Black: This new variant is set to replace the current black option, possibly offering a darker or more unique shade through a different finish.

If the expected subtlety of these colors seems disappointing, it’s important to remember that the Pro series has always opted for more understated designs. It leaves the brighter, more vibrant colors for the standard iPhone range. This trend will likely continue with the iPhone 16 Pro series, setting it apart in Apple’s lineup.

Delving Into iPhone Color Preferences

The world of iPhone colors tells an intriguing tale of how consumer preferences have changed and how Apple has responded with its design choices.

According to Gadget Mates, blue was the most popular color for the iPhone 15 series, chosen by 28% of users, with black and pink not far behind (25% and 22%, respectively). Interestingly, for the iPhone 14 Pro/Max models, deep purple won over a whopping 42% of users, highlighting a change in which colors people prefer.

The impact of an iPhone’s color on its resale value is significant. Unique colors such as gold can make an iPhone seem more exclusive and potentially increase its value when resold. However, neutral and simpler colors are more sought after in the resale market. This trend towards classic colors like black and silver suggests they have a timeless appeal and will likely attract a wider range of buyers.