Apple Reportedly Plans ‘Significantly Thinner’ iPhone for 2025

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Key Takeaways

  • Apple is said to be readying a "significantly thinner" iPhone for as soon as 2025.
  • It might launch alongside existing models, and could cost more.
  • It comes right as Apple has released an extra-thin iPad Pro.

Apple is preparing a “significantly thinner” iPhone that could be released as soon as 2025, The Information‘s sources said.

The very slim iPhone might be released “concurrently” with the iPhone 17 lineup unofficially expected to arrive in September next year. It might be priced higher than the $1,200 iPhone 15 Pro Max, the insiders claimed.

This would be a “major” rethink akin to 2017’s iPhone X, with a slim Dynamic Island cutout and the rear cameras moved to the top center. The size isn’t clear, but it might have an aluminum body in addition to an upgraded front camera and the likely A19 chip.

The iPhone lineup wouldn’t expand with the slim model enroute, the sources maintained. Instead, Apple would refrain from launching an iPhone 17 Plus.

We’ve reached out to Apple, although the company hasn’t historically commented on rumors.

The iPhone series has been getting thicker in recent years as more advanced cameras, larger batteries and other technologies demand more space. For much of its earlier life, though, Apple was focused on making the handset thinner. The approach culminated in 2014, when the iPhone 6 arrived measuring 0.27 inches thick.

That device drew complaints of bending in people’s pockets, however, and Apple generally lost its appetite for super-slim products.

There may be a change of heart. Apple just introduced an iPad Pro series that’s billed as the company’s thinnest product to date at 5.1mm. Apple appears to have found as way to slim down its hardware without compromising strength, and may be eager to spread that to multiple products.

There’s no certainty a slim iPhone will ship in 2025. The tipsters said delays could push the release further out, provided it goes at all. If this is authentic, though, the company is willing to rethink its most important money-maker.