Jabra Stops Producing Elite Wireless Earbuds and Headphones

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Key Takeaways

  • Jabra announced it will no longer make its Elite wireless earbuds or headphones.
  • The announcement landed on the same day as it unveiled its Second-gen Elite 8 Active and Elite 10 earbuds.
  • Parent company GN plans to focus on more lucrative areas of the business with less competition, including professional audio and video as well as OTC hearing aids.

In a press release on June 12, Jabra announced it will end its line of consumer audio products, including its Elite wireless earbuds and headphones.

In the press release, GN cited the rising competition costs and spoke of its commitment to focusing on other “more attractive” areas of its business with less competition, such as professional audio and video alongside its OTC hearing aids.

GN Store Nord CEO Peter Karlstromer commented on the changing markets and the difficult decisions the company had made to pursue opportunities in its enterprise, gaming, and hearing businesses.

In particular, GN plans to focus on its ReSound Nexia consumer hearing aids — tiny, stylish devices with Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio that have seen strong sales.

Jabra has just unveiled the second generation of its Elite 8 Active and Elite 10 earbuds, with the company quick to reassure consumers that support will be available throughout the product’s lifetime.

Although consumer audio product inventory will gradually reduce, the next-gen earbuds will still be available to buy from the usual retailers and Jabra directly throughout 2024 and beyond.

Still, it’s sad news for the consumer audio line fans, though the arrival of Jabra’s next-gen wireless earbuds should help ease the pain somewhat.