Kia’s Upcoming EV9 GT Performance SUV Hits 60MPH in 4 Seconds

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Key Takeaways

  • Kia has teased an EV9 GT that will reach 60MPH in four seconds.
  • The dual-motor setup will also have new brakes and suspension.
  • The top-end model will debut in January.

Kia has previewed an EV9 GT model that will rival some of the best sports cars with a claimed 0-60MPH time of four seconds.

In its Investor Day presentation, the Korean brand said the three-row electric SUV would have “enormous power output” to achieve that performance. It would also have a “reinforced” suspension and braking system to help with stability at high speeds, the company said.

The EV9 GT will debut in January. Pricing isn’t available, but it’s likely to cost considerably more than the $73,900 GT-Line.

The plans aren’t surprising. Kia already makes the EV6 GT, a high-powered crossover that competes with the Tesla Model 3 Performance and conventional supercars. The EV9 GT would take on the Model X, Porsche Cayenne and other large SUVs that can still deliver quick acceleration.

Kia also vowed more electric GT models in the future during its presentation, including an updated EV6 GT. This comes on top of a broader electrification push that includes more mainstream models ranging from the entry EV2 crossover to the EV5 SUV.

Kia and its Hyundai parent company have said they remain committed to EVs in a difficult market where even heavyweights like Ford and GM have shifted more of their attention to hybrids. The marque hopes to have sold 1.6 million EVs by 2030. The EV9 GT could help Kia get there by reaching drivers who previously wouldn’t consider an electric SUV.

The EV9 has already been one of the most popular electric cars available since its late 2023 premiere. In March, it helped boost Kia’s EV sales by 151%. Strong interest is expected to continue between the GT and a shift to US production before the end of May, qualifying the EV9 for a partial federal tax credit. The full $7,500 credit should be available by early 2025.