‘Lego Horizon Adventures’ Turns Aloy’s Quest Into a Kids’ Action Game

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Key Takeaways

  • Guerilla and Sony have introduced 'Lego Horizon Adventures.'
  • The game turns the PlayStation classic into a kid-ready action game.
  • It arrives this holiday on PC, PS5, and Switch.

Guerilla and Sony have unveiled Lego Horizon Adventures, a top-down co-op action game that turns Aloy’s saga into a kid-friendly game for PC, PS5 and Switch.

The title has Horizon series heroine Aloy and a friend battle out-of-control robot animals in a decidedly more lighthearted experience than Zero Dawn or Forbidden West. Characters have their signature weapons, and you’ll explore a familiar mix of both the post-apocalypse world and the technological relics of the past.

The game arrives this holiday. On PC, it should be available through both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Notably, this is a PlayStation Studios title debuting simultaneously on another console. It’s not a port that arrives months or years later, as with the other Horizon games’ PC versions.

The Switch release isn’t surprising given the younger target audience. It’s also logical that Guerilla and Sony aren’t building Lego Horizon Adventures for Xbox consoles. On top of the competitive aspect, Xbox hardware sales have dropped sharply. There’s just not as much of a market for a kids’ game like this on the platform.

We wouldn’t count on Sony releasing too many titles for Nintendo systems. Still, this indicates that the company isn’t afraid to venture beyond the PlayStation if it sees an opportunity for extra sales.