Logitech Made a Mouse With an AI Prompt Button

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Key Takeaways

  • Logitech has released a wireless mouse with a dedicated AI prompt button.
  • The company's mice and keyboards can make use of AI Prompt Builder software to cue up ChatGPT.
  • The Signature AI Edition Mouse is available this month for $50.

Logitech has introduced a Signature AI Edition Mouse with a dedicated button for ChatGPT.

Press the mouse button when you’ve selected text and an on-screen AI prompt window will appear. You can enter your own ChatGPT query, but there are also preset “recipes” for common tasks like rephrasing in a different style or summarizing text.

The Signature AI Edition Mouse isn’t required, Logitech said. Anyone using the English version of the Logi Options+ app can set a shortcut on a compatible mouse or keyboard to cue a Logi AI Prompt Builder with the same functionality. This includes the Ergo, MX, Signature, and Studio lineups.

The Options+ app is available for free for Mac and Windows users. The Signature AI Edition Mouse will be available through Logitech’s website later in April for $50 in the US and £55 in the UK.

There’s no initial support for other AI models, such as Google’s Gemini or Anthropic’s Claude. Logitech told Techtopia that it planned to support other models in the future, however.

The addition isn’t surprising. Logitech already makes a wide array of mice and keyboards with dedicated buttons for creative work and gaming. An AI mouse is a simple extension that takes advantage of a recent trend. It’s potentially convenient for writers, programmers, and others who may routinely use ChatGPT to streamline their work.