Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ Apple Vision Pro Game Arrives May 30th

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Key Takeaways

  • Marvel will launch its What If...? game for Apple Vision Pro on May 30th.
  • The story hops between mixed and virtual reality as you try to save the Multiverse.
  • It's one of the earliest high-profile games for Apple's headset.

Marvel has revealed that its What If…? mixed reality game for the Apple Vision Pro will be available on May 30th.

A new trailer for the “immersive story” (shown below) also sheds light on the plot and play mechanics.

You’re an ordinary person chosen by The Watcher and Wong to save the Multiverse from dangerous variants of characters like Thanos. Marvel is making full use of the Vision Pro by jumping between mixed reality and virtual reality spaces — you may meet with your allies in your room, but travel to another realm entirely.

You cast spells much like Wong and Doctor Strange might, by making gestures with your hands. The title aims to recreate the animated look of the What If….? Disney+ series, and includes a mix of both fresh and recognizable environments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The title is a free exclusive to the Vision Pro “for a limited time.” It’s not yet clear what will happen after that.

Marvel Studios’ Dave Bushore directed the Vision Pro game, while ILM Immersive’s Shereif Fattouh was the producer. Bushore and Fattouh executive produced the project along with What If…? figure Brad Winderbaum. Vice presidents from ILM Immersive, Lucasfilm, and Disney also served as executive producers.

The game is one of the highest-profile releases for Apple’s headset so far, and reflects Disney’s heavy investment in the technology. It was ready with a virtual reality Disney+ viewer when the Vision Pro launched, and has teased a range of experiences going forward. What If…? illustrates at least something of what Disney promised when the Vision Pro was unveiled in June 2023 — it’s a mixed reality presentation that might not be as viable on other headsets.

The likely uptake isn’t clear. While the Marvel app is free, the minimum $3,499 for a Vision Pro limits the potential audience. You might not see Disney or other developers aim for truly broad audiences until there are more affordable headsets with this kind of performance.