Meme Coin Bonk Gains 70%: What’s Behind the Weekly Surge?

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Key Takeaways

  • BONK meme coin surged 70% in a week, reaching a market cap of $1.7 billion with a robust trading volume, now ranked #60 on CoinMarketCap.
  • Revolut has included BONK in its crypto trading platform, expanding its digital currency offerings alongside other meme coins.
  • Technical analysis suggests BONK could see further gains, supported by strong buying trends and stable technical indicators.

Meme coin BONK has seen a robust increase of 70% over the past week, showcasing its volatile yet strong market presence. 

On April 26, the meme coin BONK demonstrated significant market activity. Its current trading price is $0.000025, and its daily trading volume is over $658 million.

BONK/USD Price Chart | Source: CoinMarketCap
BONK/USD Price Chart | Source: CoinMarketCap

Now ranked #60 on CoinMarketCap, BONK holds a market capitalization of approximately $1.7 billion, underscoring its growing impact in the digital currency landscape. This BONK price prediction delves into the current technical dynamics and market movements of BONK.

Revolut Lists BONK

Revolut, a leading global neobank, has recently enhanced its cryptocurrency portfolio by adding BONK meme coin to its trading platform.

This addition is part of Revolut’s effort to offer its users a more diverse range of digital currencies globally, ensuring they have access to a broad selection of over 150 digital assets.

BONK joined other meme coins like SHIB, PEPE, and FLOKI on Revolut’s platform. The move highlights Revolut’s commitment to providing a comprehensive trading experience.

BONK Price Prediction: Technical Outlook

In terms of technical analysis, BONK shows signs of potential further gains. The currency’s pivotal point is currently set at $0.000023. Should BONK maintain its momentum above this level, it could test immediate resistance levels at $0.000029, $0.000033, and $0.000036.

Conversely, if it fails to hold this crucial support, the next levels of support are seen at $0.000020, $0.000017, and $0.000013, where a break below these could precipitate a steep decline in price.

Technical Indicators and Trading Strategy

From a technical standpoint, several indicators bolster the bullish outlook for BONK:

  • The Relative Strength Index (RSI) stands at 62, suggesting a robust buying trend without veering into overbought territory. This level indicates healthy buying momentum that could propel the price further.
  • The 50-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is at $0.000019, which not only supports the current price level but also underpins the ongoing uptrend. This EMA serves as a dynamic support that BONK has consistently held above in recent sessions.

There is an observable upward channel in the price movement of BONK, indicating sustained buying interest above the $0.000023 mark. The RSI and the 50 EMA confirm this trend, suggesting a continued potential for upward movement unless a shift in market sentiment or external market factors intervenes.

BONK Market Outlook

The outlook for BONK remains bullish as long as it stays above the pivot point of $0.000023. Given BONK’s recent performance and technical indicators, traders might capitalize on the upward trend by setting buy orders above the $0.000023 pivot point, with potential profit-taking targets at the identified resistance levels. Conversely, stop-loss orders should be considered below the $0.000020 support level to manage risks in a downward reversal.

In summary, BONK presents an intriguing opportunity for traders who are attentive to the cryptocurrency’s technical cues and market movements.