Mercedes’ Electric G-Wagon Will Sell for Over $150,000 in Europe

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After years of teases, Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its first electric G-Class, the G580 with EQ Technology.

The electrified G-Wagon shares a largely unchanged version of the SUV’s 1979-era boxy design, but replaces combustion with a quad-motor setup that puts out the equivalent of 579HP. This not only gives the electric G-Class enough power for off-roading, but enables a Hummer EV-style tank turn (here “G-Turn”) where the vehicle can turn nearly on the spot.

The G580 with EQ still has up to 100% gradeability like its ancestors, and can remain stable even on a 35-degree sideways slope. The EV, however, adds has an off-road “crawl” feature that lets you focus on driving rather than managing power.

The battery is protected against rough conditions in a torsion-  and water-resistant casing. You can drive the electric G-Class in water up to 33.5 inches deep, Mercedes said.

The range is short compared to some EVs at an estimated 294 miles on the WLTP test cycle. American testing through the EPA is likely to net a smaller figure. However, you can charge from 10% to 80% in roughly 32 minutes.

The G-Class’ in-cabin technology is on par with other electric Mercedes models. You’ll find an MBUX-based infotainment touchscreen, keyless entry, a Burmester-made 3D sound system, and optional digital off-road functions. A special Edition One variant will carry more standard features and unique design traits.

Mercedes ships the G580 with EQ later this year. American pricing isn’t yet available, but it will start at €142,621 (about $152,000) in Europe. The Edition One will begin at €192,524 (roughly $206,000).

The prices are likely to change for a U.S. release. If they remain similar, though, they would make the electric G-Class highly competitive with its gas counterpart. A G550 costs $143,000 stateside, and doesn’t offer as much power (416HP). At 16MPG on the highway, it’s also likely to carry significant fuel costs.

The new G-Wagon also reflects an expected change in Mercedes’ EV strategy. Where the marque previously built specialized models like the EQS, the G580 is a G-Class that happens to be electric. EVs will eventually be the default option, and this is a clear step in that direction.