Meta Aims to Put More Quest VR Headsets in Classrooms

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The education sector is poised for a potential shakeup with Meta’s announcement of a new educational product for its Quest VR headsets.

This move could be an attempt to establish a foothold in the education sector before competitors like Apple enter the field.

Meta in a blog post said the product, due later this year, will equip educators, trainers, and administrators with a suite of educational apps and features. It will also provide the capability to control multiple Quest devices simultaneously.

The Quest headsets from Meta have the potential to redefine educational methods by enabling students to virtually traverse historic places and delve into the complexities of a virtual science lab. This immersive approach to learning is expected to boost student engagement and outcomes.

According to Meta, the development of this new product is the culmination of engagement and partnership with global educators, researchers, and third-party developers in the educational field.

Affordability: A Key Advantage

The high cost of VR technology has historically been a major barrier to adoption in educational settings. Apple’s Vision Pro headset, while boasting an impressive near-4K resolution display, comes with a staggering $3,500 price tag. This puts such high-end VR experiences out of reach for most schools.

Meta’s VR headsets, however, sell for around $500-$650. With a plan to launch an education-centric offering, the Facebook parent could gain a competitive edge in the race to dominate the VR market. 

As education evolves towards more tech-savvy teaching and learning methods, the incorporation of VR headsets in classrooms could herald a new chapter in the sector. It will be interesting to see how this shapes the future of education and how other tech giants react to this development.