Meta Quest 2 Price Drops To $199 Permanently

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Key Takeaways

  • Meta Quest 2 VR headset price permanently reduced, possibly to clear stock after the release of Quest 3.
  • Quest 2 offers a standalone VR experience without the need for additional hardware.
  • Features support for Xbox Cloud Gaming on a virtual display and offers over 500 immersive titles.

Meta Quest 2 has now made its VR headset more accessible by permanently reducing the price to $199.

The move is the second price cut this year. As Meta Quest 3 was released in October 2023, this might be an effort to clear the remaining stock.

Quest 2 allows individuals to dive into a VR universe without additional equipment like a TV or console.

The Quest 2 headset is a multi-functional device for entertainment, fitness, meditation, and social interactions with friends and family.

It also supports Xbox Cloud Gaming on a large virtual display, enhancing the gaming experience. With over 500 immersive titles available, the lowered price aims to attract a broader audience.

Additionally, Meta has reduced the prices of Quest 2 accessories, further enhancing the affordability and customization of the VR experience.

In the meantime, the Quest 3 price starts at $499 (128 GB).