Meta Quest 3 Update Makes it A Better Vision Pro Alternative

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Key Takeaways

  • Meta has released a Quest 3 update that fixes key interface limitations.
  • It adds experimental wrist buttons, better passthrough video, and improved background audio.
  • The upgrades will gradually reach owners.

Meta has released a Quest 3 update that addresses some of the limitations keeping it from competing with the much more expensive Apple Vision Pro.

To start, Meta’s v66 patch has given the Quest 3 experimental “wrist buttons” (pictured above). As seen in some apps, you can tap virtual keys on the inside of your wrist to show the headset’s Meta and Menu buttons. You can bring up the in-game or system menus wherever you are without having to use the physical controllers, much like the Vision Pro’s crown lets you open its home view.

Passthrough video quality has also taken another step forward. Meta said the Quest 3 update “significantly” reduces lens distortion and motion warping effects, while your virtual hands now better align with the real ones. These should be particularly helpful when you’re using VR productivity apps or any software that relies heavily on hand tracking.

Background audio now works more like you’d expect. You can finally minimize 2D apps like the web browser while continuing to listen to audio. That’s helpful if you’re streaming music or want to shrink a video player without pausing playback. Accordingly, you can also watch Netflix from a web browser.

The v66 update will reach Quest headsets gradually, and Meta noted that the passthrough upgrade would trickle out to v66 users. It may be a while before you get all the new features.

When they’re all available, though, the improvements could make the Quest 3 a more practical option for people who want a Vision Pro-like headset computer but couldn’t get over the interface and passthrough issues. It still won’t have the same performance or app choices, but it may be close enough for those not willing to spend much more than the Quest’s $499 price.