Meta Quest 4: Expected Release Date, Features, Price & Rumors

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  • The launch of Meta Quest 3 and then Apple Vision Pro raised the bar of expectations for virtual reality lovers.
  • Rumors and predictions about the next iteration, Meta Quest 4, are already circulating, even as the Meta Quest 3 finds its market.
  • The Meta Quest 4 is expected to include features such as improved AI capabilities, eye-tracking, OLED displays, and longer battery life.
  • With an expected release in late 2025 or early 2026, the Meta Quest 4 aims to compete directly with the upcoming Apple Vision Pro 2.

The launch of Meta Quest 3 and then Apple Vision Pro raised the bar of expectations for virtual reality lovers.

The Meta Quest 3, released in late 2023, is Meta’s most advanced VR headset to date, launched with great features such as its powerful processing speed, high-resolution displays, and sleek design.

But for the insatiable VR enthusiasts, the question on everyone’s mind is: what’s next?

While the ink on the Meta Quest 3 user manuals is barely dry, rumors and predictions about the next iteration, Meta Quest 4, are already making the rounds.

Will it boast groundbreaking features that redefine VR experiences? Will it be lighter, have more AI capabilities, sleeker, and even more comfortable to wear for extended adventures in virtual landscapes?

This article is everything we currently know and can speculate on about the highly anticipated Meta Quest 4 headset.

When is the Meta Quest 4 Released?

Expected: Late 2025 or Early 2026

While there’s no official release date yet, we can use past release patterns from Meta to make some guesses.

Looking back, the Oculus Quest (later renamed Meta Quest) launched in 2019, followed by the Meta Quest 2 in 2020.

This swift 17-month gap between releases suggested a rapid development cycle. However, things slowed down a bit with the Meta Quest 3, which arrived in October 2023, a three-year gap from its predecessor.

This shift towards a longer release cycle could be due to several factors, including a global chip shortage that might have impacted development timelines.

Additionally, with the introduction of mixed reality features in the Quest 3, Meta might have needed more time to refine this new technology.

So, going by this new three-year release window, we could expect the Meta Quest 4 to arrive sometime in late 2025 or early 2026.

Another possibility is that Meta might wait for Apple to release its Vision Pro 2, which is rumored to launch in 2026, before pushing its Quest 4 to the market.

There’s been a rivalry between the two companies in the extended reality market of late, and we expect this to affect the release date for Meta Quest 4.

Meta Quest 4 Features

Expected: Improvements to AI features and Eye-tracking Capability

The Meta Quest 4 is expected to push the boundaries of VR with even more AI features and adding eye-tracking capabilities.

Building on the improved artificial intelligence performance of the Quest 3’s Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 processor, the Quest 4 might leverage a next-gen XR chip for even more impressive AI. This could translate to more realistic graphics, smoother gameplay, and a better immersive VR experience.

Meta Quest 4 rumors suggest the inclusion of an advanced eye-tracking feature. Mark Zuckerberg himself also hinted at this in an Instagram video where he compared Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro.

In addition to an upgraded eye-tracking feature, recent developments at Meta suggest significant advancements in avatar technology for their Quest VR platform.

A company blog post highlighted how breakthroughs in AI will enable the creation of highly realistic digital avatars.

With the anticipated release of the Quest 4 headset, Meta’s Pixel Codec Avatars seems more likely to be a key feature, allowing users to embody photorealistic virtual representations of themselves.

Meta Quest 4 Specs

Expected: Improved RAM, OLED Display

We expect Meta to build on some of the specs of its predecessor, the Quest 3, and take them to the next level.

For instance, there is a chance Meta will ditch the current LCD Display on the Quest 3 for OLED display in the Quest 4 to improve energy efficiency. It’s also been rumored that the display resolution in Meta Quest could be pushed from 2064 x 2208 pixels per eye to around 2160 x 3840 pixels per eye in the Meta Quest 4.

While absent in Quest 3, eye tracking could be a game-changer in Quest 4, allowing for features like foveated rendering and more natural VR interactions.

Improved battery life exceeding the current 2-3 hours and a bump in RAM to at least 16GB, are also possibilities we can look forward to in the Meta Quest 4.

These are just a few specs for the Meta Quest 4. As more information arrives, we will have a clearer picture of what Quest 4 will offer.

Why Would I get a Meta Quest 4?

If you’re a fan of VR gaming or use VR for work or creative projects, the Meta Quest 4 could be a good upgrade. Considering that it will likely have similar features as Apple Vision Pro yet with a significantly lower price, it might be worth your consideration.

With potential features like improved AI capabilities, advanced eye tracking, and potential hardware upgrades, the Meta Quest 4 will likely enhance anyone’s VR experience — or be great for beginners.

Furthermore, with the expected improvements in battery life, users can enjoy longer VR sessions without the need for frequent recharge.

Meta Quest 4 Price

Expected: $500-$600

There’s no official price tag yet, but considering the Quest 3’s starting price of $499.99, expect the Quest 4 to be similarly priced or slightly more expensive.

Meta Quest 3 vs Quest 4: A Head-to-Head Comparison

While the Quest 4 isn’t here yet, you might be curious how the current champion, the Meta Quest 3, would stack up against a Quest 4. Let’s see how they compare in the table below:

Features/Spec Meta Quest 3 Meta Quest 4
Release date October 2023 Expected in Early 2026
Display Resolution 2064 x 2208 pixel per eye Likely going to be 2160 x 3840 pixels per eye
RAM 8GB RAM 16GB RAM, speculated
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 May come with next-gen XR chip
Price $499 (128GB), $649 (512GB) Expected to be higher or remain the same.

The Bottom Line

Mixed reality headsets have gained some popularity in recent years and have taken on a whole new level since Apple Vision Pro launched early this year.

Given the fanfare that came with Vision Pro, Meta is likely poised to challenge Apple’s potential leadership in the space. To achieve this, they will have to go beyond what they offered their customers in Meta Quest 3 for a better version, which we expect to be the Meta Quest 4.

While the release date remains elusive, speculations and industry trends paint a picture of a powerful VR headset brimming with potential. From next-gen processing for smoother experiences to ultra-sharp displays for better visuals and AI capabilities, the Quest 4 could be what Meta needs to send Apple back to the VR labs.


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