Meta’s Upgraded AI Assistant is Smarter, Faster, and On the Web

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Key Takeaways

  • Meta has introduced a next-generation assistant, Meta AI.
  • It's powered by the new Llama 3 model and can help answer questions or visualize ideas.
  • It's available in over a dozen English-speaking countries.

Meta has unveiled an upgraded assistant, Meta AI, that will drive key features across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

The generative AI system is based on Meta’s new Llama 3 large language model. and promises overall greater intelligence than before. You can use the technology to ask for knowledge or recommendations, such as recipes or things to do on a night out.

It can also “imagine” visuals based on prompts, with output appearing in real time. Meta AI is faster and higher quality than before, and can provide suggestions for modifying the image. You can even change the style of an existing image or turn it into an animated GIF.

As part of the rollout, Meta has launched a website for using the technology on your computer. The new imagination feature is available as a beta in the US through the web and WhatsApp. Meta AI as a whole is also usable in the country through Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, and is “coming” to Quest headsets.

Meta AI is also expanding to other countries. It will be available in over a dozen English-speaking nations beyond the US, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Meta first revealed Meta AI at Connect 2023 as a response to a wave of generative AI offerings from OpenAI, Google, and others. The effective aim was to keep users on the company’s platforms  — you theoretically don’t have to switch apps to answer a question or create a picture.

The social media giant can’t completely credit its AI push with its recent success. While it turned around its fortunes in 2023, that came in part due to layoffs that trimmed costs. Upgrades like the new AI assistant could nonetheless help the company’s bottom line by getting users to see more ads and otherwise remain on platforms like Instagram.