Microsoft Copilot for Security To Launch in April

Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft's Copilot for Security boosts cybersecurity with AI.
  • Launching April 1, it aims to increase security professionals' efficiency.
  • It integrates with Microsoft's security suite, priced on usage.

Microsoft is launching Copilot for Security, a solution designed to augment human capabilities and address cybercrime challenges. With it, Microsoft is bringing the power of generative AI to the backyard of security and IT professionals.

According to a Microsoft announcement, Copilot for Security will be generally available starting April 1, 2024. The solution promises to improve efficiency and accuracy for security professionals by offering capabilities such as knowledgebase integrations, Microsoft entra audit logs, diagnostic logs, and a custom prompt book.

In the announcement, Microsoft wrote:

“This “generative AI solution will help security and IT professionals catch what others miss, move faster, and strengthen team expertise. Copilot is informed by large-scale data and threat intelligence, including more than 78 trillion security signals processed by Microsoft each day, and coupled with large language models to deliver tailored insights and guide next steps.”

Copilot for Security will serve as an independent portal. It will integrate within existing Microsoft security products such as Defender, Purview,  Entra, and Intune. The pricing model for customers will be usage-based, similar to the company’s Azure cloud services.

Microsoft introduced its Copilot for Security around a year ago. It has since been testing it with enterprise clients and some partners. The solution is a critical component of Microsoft’s continuous endeavor to integrate artificial intelligence capabilities from its partner, OpenAI, into its primary product lines.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is not the only firm that has recently sprinkled generative AI on security solutions. Crowdstrike launched Charlotte, a chatbot designed to serve as a generative AI security analyst.

While nothing notable has been heard of Charlotte since its launch, Microsoft Copilot for Security could reignite interest in the area when it becomes available in April.

With security professionals under immense pressure to match cyber criminals’ “defense for attack,” the use of generative AI in cybersecurity could help tweak the cyber war in the favor of cyber defenders.