Microsoft Unveils Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 for Business

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Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft introduces AI-focused Surface Pro 10 and Laptop 6 for Business, integrating advanced AI and processing capabilities.
  • The new devices maintain traditional design but offer significant internal enhancements for professional use.
  • Microsoft plans to extend its AI computing advancements to consumer products, with future announcements expected.

Microsoft introduces the Surface Pro 10 and the Surface Laptop 6 for business, embarking on what it has dubbed the “year of the AI PC.”

These devices are the first in the Surface lineup to be engineered specifically for the corporate sector. They showcase the integration of Intel’s latest Core Ultra processors, a dedicated Copilot button for AI assistance, and a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to optimize AI-driven tasks within Windows 11.

These features position them as pioneering AI-enabled PCs for the professional market.

Surface Pro 10

Externally, these new entries to the Surface family retain their familiar aesthetics. The Surface Pro 10 for Business mirrors the design of its predecessor, the Surface Pro 9. Still, it introduces enhanced internal components such as the option between Intel Core Ultra 5 135U and Core Ultra 7 165U processors.

Surface Pro 10
Surface Pro 10 | Source: Microsoft

The configuration options are extensive, offering up to 64GB of RAM and a starting point of 8GB, along with a 256GB Gen4 SSD. The base model is priced at $1,199.

Microsoft has also upgraded connectivity options, including two USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports, and boasts an impressive battery life of up to 19 hours.

The display on the Surface Pro 10 for Business has been refined with an anti-reflective coating and increased brightness. However, it steers clear of OLED technology, sticking to a high-quality LCD. Microsoft confirmed this decision despite speculation about an OLED model, hinting at future announcements without confirming any details.

Surface Laptop 6

The Surface Laptop 6 for Business has received a more substantial internal overhaul, described as “redesigned from the inside out” by Microsoft officials.

Surface Pro 6
Surface Pro 6 | Source: Microsoft

It features Intel’s Core Ultra H-series processors, aimed at delivering robust desktop-level performance in a sleek, portable form. This model also starts at $1,199, with the same flexible memory and storage configurations as the Pro 10.

The 15-inch model includes additional connectivity through two USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports, making it more versatile for professional use.

Both models are enhanced with antireflective screen coatings, significant camera upgrades for superior video conferencing experiences, and the introduction of an NFC reader on the Pro 10 for easier security authentication.

The anticipation of a 5G option for the Pro 10 underscores Microsoft’s commitment to connectivity and mobility.

Microsoft’s focus on servicing the business community is evident in the exclusivity of these devices, which are available only through its commercial channels and authorized resellers.

Despite this, interested consumers might still acquire them indirectly. Microsoft assures its commitment to consumer products remains strong, with plans to unveil consumer versions of these devices at a special event dedicated to Windows and Surface AI innovations.

In addition to their cutting-edge technology, both devices are celebrated for their serviceability, with Microsoft incorporating QR codes and clear internal markings to aid in maintenance and repairs.

As the corporate world eagerly awaits the arrival of these Surface devices on April 9, the industry is abuzz with anticipation for Microsoft’s upcoming event on May 20.

The tech giant is expected to reveal more about its AI vision for hardware and software, possibly including consumer editions of the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6, alongside new AI functionalities for Windows 11. These developments signify Microsoft’s bold stride into the future of AI-integrated computing for both business and personal use.