Microsoft’s Edge Browser Will Use AI to Dub Videos As You Watch

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Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft has previewed an Edge update that uses AI to translate and dub videos as you're watching.
  • This will apply to YouTube, LinkedIn, and major news sites.
  • Initial support revolves around six languages.

Microsoft kicked off its Build developer conference with a number of AI-related announcements, including an Edge browser that will translate and dub videos as you’re watching them.

The upcoming Edge release will support clips from YouTube, LinkedIn, and Coursera, as well as major news outlets like Bloomberg, CNBC News, and Reuters. In theory, you won’t have to wait for official translations or dubbing if you’re hard of hearing or want to watch in an unofficially supported language.

The real-time AI translation in Edge will initially convert Spanish to English, as well as switch from English to German, Hindi, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. More video services and languages will be available, Microsoft said.

Microsoft has increasingly used AI as a hook for Edge to help it compete with Google Chrome. The Copilot assistant is the centerpiece, and the software added summaries of YouTube videos. The company clearly hopes Edge will help users save time instead of relying on separate apps, sites, and other tools.

Chrome currently dominates the web browser market with over a 65% share, according to StatCounter data. Edge hasn’t gained much traction at about 5.2%. That could make it difficult to dislodge Google’s browser even if Microsoft’s takes off, but Microsoft’s de facto advantage as the default on Windows PCs might help.