Midjourney Introduces Consistent Characters Generation: Twitter Reacts With Images

Key Takeaways

  • Midjourney launches feature for consistent AI characters across images.
  • New tool solves AI image generation consistency challenges.
  • Feature excites creators but raises copyright concerns.

Midjourney has enabled users to generate consistent characters across multiple images to test its new feature.

The challenge of maintaining consistency in AI-generated images prompted Midjourney to develop this tool. This addresses the disparity often encountered in successive AI model runs.

The move aims to enhance storytelling and world-building experiences. 

The “consistent character” feature empowers users to seamlessly carry over previously crafted characters to new images with customizable variances. It might be ideal with scenarios like storyboarding and comic book creation.

Founder David Holz clarified that the feature is optimized for Midjourney-generated characters. However, some users experimenting with uploading real people’s images might face potential distortions.

Twitter Reacts With Testing New Tool

Despite concerns about potential copyright issues, the feature’s debut has sparked excitement among content creators.

Some think new algorithm is not yet perfect, yet very useful.

Others show the implementation of the new feature, such as placing a single character in various circumstances.

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