MongCoin is Up 100% in March: Why is $MONG Surging?

MongCoin’s price has surged by 100% in the last 30 days, igniting a wave of excitement among MONG holders who eagerly anticipate a bullish resurgence.

Mong represents a community of meme-loving enthusiasts deeply entrenched in crypto’s meme coin culture. MongCoin launched in May 2023 and after a rollercoaster rise and fall at launch  — including a 10X gain within the first week of its launch – it has been long-since dormant until the start of 2024.

Let’s delve into why $MONG looks to be gaining momentum.

Why is MongCoin Surging?

MongCoin breached its 0.0000000480 resistance level last week.

With a price that is currently up by 100% in a month, MONG was launched as a joke after an incoherent statement by Congressman Brad Sherman.

In an example of ‘willing something into existence,’ the congressman asked a hypothetical question:

“The number one threat to cryptocurrency is crypto. Bitcoin could be displaced by Ether, which could be displaced by Doge, which could be displaced by Hamster Coin, and then there’s Cobra Coin.


“What could Mongoose Coin do to Crypto Coin?”

While the statement was in 2021, and many mongoose-related coins sprung up instantly, it is this particularl memecoin that is lasting the distance.

MongCoin’s Supply and Community

The community behind MONG is turning up the hype around MongCoin with posts encouraging MONG holders to “turn up the heat”.

MONG boasts a total supply of 690 trillion MONG coins, of which over 581 trillion are currently circulating, meaning 84% of MONG’s total supply is already out in the market.

On X, formerly Twitter, MongCoin commands a substantial following of over 80K users, a remarkable feat for a coin with a market capitalization of only $23 million.

What is the MONGS NFT Collection?

The MONG mob is also investing in NFTs through MONGS NFT.

MongCoin’s MONGS NFT has so far generated over 2,200 ETH in trading volume with an average floor price of 0.04 ETH. The collection came before the coin, launching in January 2022 with 6,943 NFTs.

Each NFT showcases pixelated digital artwork depicting mongoose characters adorned in diverse attire and expressions. The NFTs feature multiple rewards, some of which can be unlocked by stacking MongCoins.

What is MONG’s Hamster Coin?

MongCoin’s website described HamsterCoin as the “loyal homie of MONG” as it was built to bring more utility and excitement to the MongCoin ecosystem, what the coin used to participate in MongCoin’s social betting platform.

With HamsterCoin, $MONG holders don’t have to sell their $MONG for Ethereum (ETH).

Where can I buy MONG?

Even though the coin is not listed on most crypto exchanges, you can get it through their decentralized exchange at

The Bottom Line: MongCoin’s 2024 Comeback?

In June 2023, MongCoin had a meteoric rise, with amazing gains as high as 1,488%. MONGO’s recent surge is a clear signal of its bullish resurgence. With Bitcoin’s price hitting all-time highs, the hype around meme coins is lifting many ships.

If MongCoin retains community interest through NFTs and other activities such as social betting, holders could continue to push MONG’s prices towards a possible price rally in 2024.


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