MultiVersus Faces Outrage as Players Can Buy Extra Lives with Real Money

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Key Takeaways

  • MultiVersus faced criticism for a bug allowing players to buy extra lives with real money, which developers claim was unintentional.
  • Despite the explanation, some players remain skeptical, seeing the feature's detailed implementation as suspicious.
  • Player First Games plans updates including reintroducing the Iron Giant and adding new characters like Jason Voorhees.

The popular fighting game MultiVersus is criticized for a controversial feature that allows players to purchase extra lives using real money.

MultiVersus developer Player First Games took it to X, saying that this feature is a bug and was never intended to be part of the game.

Extra Lives Bug

The issue came to light when Twitch streamer ‘CrazyNocGamer’ discovered that players could use Gleamium, the game’s paid currency, to buy extra lives in the PvE Rift Mode.

This prompted an uproar among the gaming community, leading many to believe the feature was a deliberate addition to encourage microtransactions.

In response, Player First Games stated on X:

“The option to purchase extra lives is a bug that has been addressed and is not an intended feature in the game.”

Despite the explanation, some players remain skeptical, arguing that the existence of such a polished feature seems too intentional to be a mere glitch.

The controversy arises in a landscape where microtransactions are a common, yet often criticized, aspect of multiplayer games. While MultiVersus includes typical purchasable items like outfits and emotes, paying for gameplay advantages such as extra lives was met with significant backlash.

Critics argue that if the extra lives feature was a bug, its detailed implementation—including a dedicated purchase screen—appears suspiciously premeditated. The developer’s claim that this was unintended has not fully alleviated concerns, with some players calling for greater transparency and accountability.

Meanwhile, Player First Games is moving forward with other updates. After making several adjustments, they plan to reintroduce the Iron Giant to the game. Additionally, the grind to unlock characters like Agent Smith continues, though players can look forward to new fighters, such as Jason Voorhees, being added to the roster.