Netflix is Testing a Major Redesign of Its TV App Homepage

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Key Takeaways

  • Netflix is testing a redesign of its TV app.
  • The new software is easier to navigate and requires less hunting.
  • A small number of users are trying the app now.

Netflix has confirmed testing of a redesigned TV app that should be simpler and easier to navigate.

As outlined for The Verge, the new app includes just four sections up top (Home, Shows, Movies, and My Netflix) and concentrates all the information directly below a show as you hover over its box. The current version displays all info up top as you scroll by, and tucks much of the navigation info into a sidebar.

The reworked Netflix app also scraps the Categories, New & Popular, and My List sections. You can still visit Categories from a search.

The company is testing the redesign with a handful of subscribers using both smart TV apps and dedicated devices. Senior Product Director Pat Flemming said the experiment could roll out to more users if it proves popular.

Flemming explained the move as a matter of sparing users from “doing gymnastics with their eyes.” In other words, you had to look around various parts of the interface just to learn more about content and find what you were looking for.

The refresh could come at an ideal moment for Netflix. The company is still adding subscribers despite fiercer competition, but that growth has slowed relative to its size. It plans to stop reporting its subscriber count in 2025. An app redesign could help Netflix sustain its user base simply by providing a more pleasant experience.