New ‘Walking Dead’ Interactive Puzzle Game Announced for Skybound Insiders

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Key Takeaways

  • Skybound Entertainment and Those Beyond have launched "The Walking Dead: Solve to Survive.".
  • The interactive trilogy of cryptic puzzles will be exclusively available through Skybound Insiders in May.
  • The collaboration will feature mass community play, exclusive prizes, and events, culminating at Comic-Con International: San Diego.

Skybound Entertainment and tech company Those Beyond announced a new gaming experience centered around “The Walking Dead” franchise. 

The project, “The Walking Dead: Solve to Survive,” comprises a trilogy of cryptic puzzles. It is exclusively available through Skybound Insiders, the company’s fan loyalty program.

Through this collaboration, fans will engage in “Mass Community Play” on Those Beyond’s social gaming platform, fostering interaction and collaboration. The first game is slated for release in late May. Two subsequent installments will come in June and July. It all will culminate in events at Comic-Con International: San Diego.

Mark Warrick, CEO of Those Beyond, explained that their goal is to create social spaces that are as captivating as the intellectual properties they are based on. He acknowledged that fans could face years of waiting between television series or blockbuster films and yearn to remain engaged with their favorite worlds during this time.

Warrick noted that they are cultivating a long-term social destination for audiences to immerse themselves in and expressed his enthusiasm about pioneering this venture in 2024 alongside Skybound and their groundbreaking intellectual properties.

Participants stand to win exclusive prizes and limited-edition merchandise throughout the three-month engagement. 

The collaboration marks a significant development in fan engagement within the gaming industry. By leveraging innovative technology and popular franchises, Skybound and Those Beyond aim to cultivate a dedicated community of enthusiasts immersed in The Walking Dead universe.

Will Kassoy, head of consumer strategy at Skybound, commented that it is rare to find a new way for fans to engage with the worlds they love that also creates a space for them to stay long-term, and expressed his excitement about achieving this through Insiders and their partnership with Those Beyond.

He mentioned that “Solve to Survive” will be the first real immersive gaming experience on the Insiders platform and shared his eagerness to see how fans react.

The news comes weeks after Skybound launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new Invincible project.