Nintendo Demands Removal of Decades-Old Content from Garry’s Mod

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Key Takeaways

  • Garry's Mod has been issued takedown notices by Nintendo, resulting in the removal of decades' worth of Nintendo-related content.
  • The community is surprised by the removal of Nintendo characters, which have been central to the game's popularity on platforms like YouTube.
  • Facepunch Studios is complying with Nintendo's demands and humorously requesting community help to delete their Nintendo-related uploads.

Garry’s Mod, a popular sandbox game developed in 2006 using Valve’s Source engine, has been hit with takedown notices from Nintendo.

This results in the removal of two decades’ worth of Nintendo-related content. According to a recent update on the game’s Steam page by developers, Facepunch Studios, the removal of various Nintendo-related workshop items is a direct result of these legal actions by Nintendo.

Moreover, the owner of Facepunch Studios claimed on X that the company takes things very seriously.

The notice surprised many in Garry’s Mod community. Nintendo content, including models of iconic characters like Mario, has been a staple of the game for nearly twenty years.

The game gained significant popularity in the early 2010s, partly due to its flexibility and creativity, which were widely showcased in YouTube gaming channels.

Facepunch Studios stated that while it’s a substantial effort to remove all Nintendo-themed content, they must comply with Nintendo’s demands.

The update ended with a somewhat humorous plea for help from the community, asking users to delete their Nintendo-related uploads to ease the burden of this massive task.