Nintendo Ditches Twitter/X Integration on Switch

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Key Takeaways

  • Nintendo announces the removal of X (formerly Twitter) integration from the Switch, effective June 10.
  • The update disables features like screenshot sharing and friend requests via X.
  • Alternative sharing options like Facebook remain available.

Nintendo announced today that X’s (formerly Twitter) integration with Switch will be removed.

According to the Nintendo of America X account, starting June 10, you won’t be able to share screenshots or send friend requests using Twitter/X with Switch.

The feature for posting screenshots and videos to X from the Album in the Nintendo Switch Home Menu will become unavailable among the affected services. Additionally, the ability to post Super Smash Bros. Ultimate screenshots to Smash World via the Nintendo Switch Online smart device app will no longer be supported.

In Splatoon 3, posting features will be adjusted to allow users to post directly to Nintendo servers without needing social media accounts. However, images posted by players younger than 13 will not be visible to others. Similar adjustments will be made to Splatoon 2, where posting to X from the mailbox in Inkopolis Square will be disabled.

Furthermore, the feature for sending friend requests to social media friends via the Friend Suggestions menu on My Page in the Nintendo Switch Home Menu will be discontinued. However, players can still utilize the friend suggestions feature from smart devices, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U.

According to several comments under the post, players are not happy about this, as posting screenshots directly to Twitter/X was a great way to show off impressive feats to your friends.

Nintendo’s decision to discontinue Twitter/X integration echoes recent moves by Sony, indicating a shift away from social media integration in gaming consoles.

While some users may be disappointed by this change, there’s a workaround for sharing screenshots. Players can upload screenshots directly from their Switch to a PC or mobile device and then share them on Twitter/X separately. However, this extra step might discourage some from sharing as frequently.

The inclusion of screenshot sharing in the upcoming Switch successor remains uncertain. If it does feature this functionality, it’s unlikely to include Twitter/X integration, at least initially.

Luckily, Nintendo Switch clips can still be shared on Facebook, providing fans with an alternative platform for showcasing their videos directly on social media channels. Hopefully, the Switch 2 will offer more sharing options.