Nintendo is Opening a Second U.S. Store in San Francisco

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Key Takeaways

  • Nintendo is opening its second U.S. store in San Francisco's Union Square.
  • It's expected to open in 2025.
  • It comes just as Nintendo gets ready to unveil its next console.

Nintendo will open its second American store in San Francisco’s Union Square, the company revealed on Friday.

The location is expected to open sometime in 2025. The company didn’t say how the store would differ from the original New York City space, but did promise that it would showcase the company’s products and characters.

The current Nintendo store, in New York City’s Rockefeller Plaza, is a hybrid shop and fan museum. While you can buy consoles, games, and merch (such as plush Pokémon), you can also learn about the history of Nintendo itself, such as its early hardware. It’s a tourist destination, and often the place to be for major system and game launches.

The timing may be crucial. Nintendo has confirmed that it will say more about its sequel to the Switch before the end of its current fiscal year (ending in March 2025). A San Francisco store would help Nintendo showcase the new console, not to mention draw fans who can’t travel to New York.

A West coast location could also help Nintendo build publicity when the follow-up to The Super Mario Bros. Movie premieres in April 2026.

Nintendo doesn’t need a store network to build sales. The Switch has been a strong seller for most of its life since its 2017 launch, and it’s only now that the company is predicting a significant decline in profits. However, retail could help Nintendo’s next platform get off to a good start.