Nintendo’s Switch 2 Might Bring Game-Changing Magnetic Joy-Cons

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Key Takeaways

  • The Switch 2 features magnetic Joy-Cons, a chip based on NVIDIA's Ampere architecture, and DLSS technology, enhancing graphics and performance.
  • It supports older Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers, as well as backward compatibility with game cartridges, facilitating upgrades for existing users.
  • Planned for an early 2025 release, Nintendo is prioritizing quality and a diverse lineup of games.

Nintendo is set to revolutionize the gaming industry once again with the upcoming Switch 2, which is expected to be a significant upgrade from its previous model.

Recent information leaks have uncovered some exciting features, such as magnetic Joy-Cons. If added, they could transform how players interact with their games.

The details about the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 come from exclusive insights from two main sources: Vandal News and Mobapad.

Vandal News has obtained firsthand information from manufacturers who have already tried out the new console, offering a reliable glimpse into its innovative features. At the same time, Mobapad is actively involved in developing next-generation console controllers, adding further technical details that enhance the information from Vandal News.

Although Nintendo has not yet made an official announcement, the gaming community is excited and trying to assemble the pieces from these early leaks.

What’s in Nintendo Switch New Leak?

According to Mobapad, The Nintendo Switch 2 features several design improvements and technical upgrades aimed at enhancing the gaming experience:

  • Size and Display: The console’s increased size provides a larger screen area, improving visual engagement and immersion for players. It now boasts an 8-inch display with 1080P resolution, ideal for handheld mode use. The back includes a damping bracket, allowing for more adjustable viewing angles.
Nintendo Switch 2 possible look | Source: Mobapad
Nintendo Switch 2 possible look | Source: Mobapad
  • Innovative Joy-Cons: Magnetic Joy-Cons attach to the console via magnets, replacing the mechanical sliding mechanism of the original Switch. These Joy-Cons feature metal buttons for the SL and SR controls, a new third button on both the left and right sides, and the existing L, ZL, R, and ZR buttons.
  • Compatibility Features: The Switch 2 maintains backward compatibility with older Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers, ensuring that existing accessories remain usable. The cartridge slot also supports backward compatibility with physical Switch game cartridges, allowing players to continue enjoying their current game libraries. However, it is noted that second-generation cartridges may not work with the first-generation console.
Nintendo Switch 2 possible features | Source: Mobapad
Nintendo Switch 2 possible features | Source: Mobapad

Meanwhile, Vandal has learnt from the sources that Nintendo Switch 2 might have the following features:

  • Powerful NVIDIA Chip: The Nintendo Switch 2 is powered by an NVIDIA chip based on the advanced Ampere architecture, also used in the high-performance RTX 30 Series graphics cards. This means the console can deliver enhanced graphics performance, faster loading times, and smoother gameplay. Users can expect sharper images, more detailed textures, and advanced gaming features like real-time ray tracing for more realistic lighting effects in games.
  • DLSS Technology: The console incorporates Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology. This AI-driven feature works to upscale lower-resolution images in real time, significantly enhancing the visual quality of games without impacting performance. DLSS ensures that even when playing graphically demanding games, the visuals appear more detailed and clearer, improving the overall gaming experience without putting extra strain on the console’s hardware.
  • Advanced Dock Capabilities: The new generation dock supports 4K resolution, enabling users to enjoy ultra-high-definition gameplay when the console is connected to a 4K display. This upgrade makes the visuals crisper and more vibrant, which is particularly noticeable in larger gaming setups or home entertainment systems.

According to previous leaks, the expected launch of the Nintendo Switch 2 is set for early 2025. Nintendo has chosen not to rush the release in 2024, opting instead to ensure the console debuts with a wide variety of games.

Delaying the release gives developers more time to optimize their games for the new system, fully using the Switch 2’s advanced features, such as its NVIDIA chipset and DLSS technology.