Nvidia Faces Lawsuit for Alleged Copyright Infringement in AI Training

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Key Takeaways

  • Three authors sued Nvidia over alleged unauthorized use of their books to train NeMo.
  • Nvidia acknowledged training NeMo on a dataset of 196,640 books before its removal due to copyright issues.
  • Lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for U.S. copyright holders impacted over three years.

Three authors sued Nvidia for allegedly using their copyrighted books without permission to train its NeMo AI platform.

Reuters reports that Brian Keene, Abdi Nazemian, and Stewart O’Nan have filed a lawsuit. The authors allege that Nvidia utilized their works as part of a dataset of approximately 196,640 books to train NeMo in replicating natural language. This dataset was later removed in response to copyright infringement reports.

In a proposed class action filed in San Francisco federal court, the authors argue that Nvidia’s acknowledgment of training NeMo on the dataset constitutes an infringement of their copyrights. They seek unspecified damages for affected individuals in the U.S. over the past three years.

The lawsuit includes Keene’s “Ghost Walk,” Nazemian’s “Like a Love Story,” and O’Nan’s “Last Night at the Lobster.”

This legal action adds Nvidia to a growing list of companies facing litigation over generative AI. Nvidia promotes NeMo as an efficient, cost-effective solution for adopting generative AI technology.

Despite the legal challenges, Nvidia’s stock price has surged by nearly 600% since the end of 2022. Currently, it has a market value of nearly $2.2 trillion.

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