Nvidia’s Latest AI Feature Excites PC Gamers

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Key Takeaways

  • Nvidia introduced G-Assist AI at Computex 2024, designed to assist PC gamers during gameplay without interruptions.
  • G-Assist uses voice/text inputs and game snapshots to generate personalized responses using a Large Language Model.
  • Nvidia also announced new GeForce RTX and Nvidia RTX AI laptops, touted as the fastest with advanced AI support.

Nvidia announced G-Assist AI, an assistant designed to help PC gamers respond to the current gameplay situations.

The ongoing Computex 2024 event in Taipei, Taiwan, is already gathering traction. Companies such as Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm, and ASUS are all gearing up for the latest tech announcements.

Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang has seized the moment to introduce Nvidia’s latest gaming innovation, the G-Assist AI.

What Is Nvidia’s G-Assist?

Part of Nvidia’s Project G-Assist, first rumored in 2017, the G-Assist AI is an AI assistant designed to assist PC gamers. It takes voice or text inputs from the player and a snapshot of what’s in the game window.

This visual understanding augments a Large Language Model (LLM) connected to a game knowledge database. The LLM generates insightful, personalized responses tailored to the current gameplay situation by synthesizing inputs, visuals, and retrieved data.

Perhaps the most important thing for gamers here is that G-Assist can do all this without interrupting gameplay.

To showcase the capabilities of the G-Assist AI, Nvidia partnered with Studio Wildcard for a tech demonstration using ARK: Survival Ascended, an open-world, dinosaur-filled survival game in Unreal Engine 5.

While details about G-Assist’s inner workings are still sketchy, Nvidia has shared some insights on its official GeForce website. The article describes G-Assist as Project G-Assist, highlighting that it is still under development.

Nvidia also claims developers can customize G-Assist for a specific game or app to provide a high degree of contextual accuracy. The custom AI models can also be run on the cloud or locally on GeForce RTX AI PCs and laptops.

Nvidia’s New Laptops

Beyond G-Assist, Nvidia also announced at the Computex event that its GeForce RTX and Nvidia RTX AI laptops are now available.

A GeForce post on X immediately followed this, claiming the laptops are “the fastest around with up to 686 AI TOPS + support for the most games, apps, AI libraries + AI SDK.”