OpenAI Plants Flag in Tokyo With GPT-4 Tailored for Japan

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Key Takeaways

  • Chat GPT maker announces its arrival in Japan, and expansion to a new, key market.
  • OpenAI already enjoys existing relationships with major Japanese tech firms
  • Sam Altman’s company has hired a former Amazon exec to head its branch.

OpenAI has confirmed its expansion into Tokyo, Japan, which is the first office opening in all of Asia for the creator of ChatGPT. 

A company press release detailed the venture, including a GPT-4 model specifically optimized in Japanese. The move puts down a marker for OpenAI to diversify and localize its artificial intelligence technology to achieve further growth.

At the same time, the Japanese government will be very happy to have its capital chosen as the location for the new base.

On their part, the Tokyo administration and relevant authorities, including regulators, will enter into a mutual conversation with the likes of OpenAI on the influence and direction of AI with its potential impacts on the workplace and public discourse in general.

Sam Altman, OpenAI CEO, stated, “We’re excited to be in Japan, which has a rich history of people and technology coming together to do more.”

He continued, “We believe AI will accelerate work by empowering people to be more creative and productive while also delivering broad value to current and new industries that have yet to be imagined.”

The tech giant also pointed to its relationships with major Japanese firms such as Daiken, Rakuten, and Toyota. These companies already utilize ChatGPT Enterprise resources for business processes and data analysis. Local authorities and public service bodies in the Far East also leverage the technology.

With these relationships already in place, the decision to opt for Japan appears logical in many ways, but OpenAI won’t have it all the way.

Japanese investment multinational SoftBank aims to muscle in on the AI market following the launch of SB Intuitions last November. It has plans to capitalize on the demand for large language models (LLMs) and generative AI provisions in its native market.

Heading up the OpenAI operation in Tokyo will be Tadao Nagasaki, who previously held a senior position at Amazon Web Services for 12 years, acting as a prominent figure in the region for Amazon’s cloud computing business.