OpenAI Refutes Musk’s Claims, Cites Limited $45 Million Investment

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Key Takeaways

  • OpenAI challenges Musk's lawsuit, highlighting his lesser financial impact.
  • Musk's lawsuit criticizes OpenAI's profit shift, impacting their partnership with Microsoft.
  • OpenAI remains dedicated to AGI's safe development amidst legal disputes with Musk.

OpenAI rebuffs Elon Musk’s recent lawsuit claims, asserting the billionaire’s limited $45 million contribution and minimal impact on the company’s trajectory.

In a collective blog post, the OpenAI team unveiled receiving less than $45 million from Musk, contrary to his initial pledge of up to $1 billion. The startup clarified it also amassed over $90 million from other investors.

This response follows Musk’s lawsuit. In it, Musk alleges OpenAI prioritized profits over its original goal of advancing AI for humanity’s benefit. He claims OpenAI’s shift toward profit-making favored Microsoft, breaching its founding agreement.

OpenAI’s stance signals a pivotal legal battle with a potential impact on AI’s future. As a leading AI startup valued at over $80 billion, its course could shape industry dynamics.

The startup cited the need for substantial resources to develop artificial general intelligence (AGI), prompting a shift to for-profit status. Disagreements arose when Musk pushed for a merger with Tesla or sole control, diverging from OpenAI’s vision.

In response, OpenAI emphasizes its commitment to AGI’s safe development and widespread accessibility. It counters Musk’s allegations of forsaking openness, asserting his prior acknowledgment of transitioning away from full transparency.

The dispute underscores tensions between Musk and OpenAI, formerly aligned in their ambition to challenge Google’s dominance in AI.

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