OpenAI Set to Challenge Google with New AI Search Capabilities

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Key Takeaways

  • OpenAI is developing a new AI-powered search engine feature, potentially challenging industry giants like Google and Perplexity.
  • Rumors suggest that OpenAI's new search product will integrate images with textual responses and might indicate a shift away from its Bing partnership.
  • Leaker Jimmy Apples hints at an imminent unveiling of the feature, based on new domain activity for

OpenAI is reported to prepare a new search engine feature that could give Google and Perplexity a run for their money. 

According to Bloomberg, his feature would enable users to ask questions and receive answers infused with web-based information and citations from reputable sources like Wikipedia and blog posts.

Building on its existing capabilities, OpenAI’s search feature could provide a more comprehensive and accurate search experience. Rumors also suggest that the product will incorporate images alongside written responses.

If the rumors hold, this would represent a shift from OpenAI’s existing partnership with Microsoft, where Bing is used to provide web access to ChatGPT.

While details on the inner workings of this new AI search feature remain under wraps, the tech world is abuzz with speculations. OpenAI’s silence on the matter has only added more buzz around the speculations, with many predicting a major announcement next week.

Adding to the speculation, a prominent leaker in the AI community, who goes by Jimmy Apples, recently shared on X that OpenAI might be on the verge of unveiling a search engine capability within its popular ChatGPT product.

He based his claim on a surge of new domain name records linked to, leading him to speculate that the ChatGPT owner is gearing up for an event to showcase this new feature.

This additional context further fuels the anticipation surrounding OpenAI’s potential entry into the search engine market, marking a new chapter in the rapidly evolving AI industry. The tech world eagerly awaits the official announcement, which could likely disrupt the current dynamics of the AI-chatbot-powered search.

Search has become a key battleground in the AI industry in recent years, with Perplexity’s AI-powered search engine gaining traction and a $1 billion valuation just two years after its launch. Google is also revamping its search experience with AI and has already included AI web search capabilities in its Gemini chatbot.