Oracle Integrates Generative AI into Cloud Applications Suite

Key Takeaways

  • Oracle adds generative AI to enhance business software across various functions.
  • Oracle's strategy includes a focus on AI supercomputing and industry partnerships.
  • Oracle ensures customer data privacy within its AI-enhanced cloud infrastructure.

Oracle has introduced advanced generative AI capabilities within its Fusion Cloud Applications Suite. The company to revolutionize decision-making and user experience across diverse business sectors.

These updates were announced at Oracle CloudWorld in London. They mark a significant stride in integrating AI into enterprise software, impacting functions like finance, supply chain, HR, sales, marketing, and service.

Steve Miranda, EVP for Applications Development, emphasized Oracle’s dedication to tailored AI solutions, offering over 50 generative AI use cases within its applications. The Oracle Guided Journeys framework empowers customers to integrate custom generative AI capabilities, ensuring industry-specific solutions.

These enhancements leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, ensuring data privacy by not sharing customer data with third-party providers. This strategic move aligns with Oracle’s approach to compete with cloud service rivals such as AWS, IBM, Google Cloud, and Microsoft.

The competitors have already introduced their own generative AI solutions. Meanwhile, Oracle’s meticulous approach focuses on a three-tiered strategy, with the first tier featuring the OCI Supercluster.

Designed for enterprises like Cohere and Hugging Face, this tier prioritizes large language model development. It offers OCI Compute Bare Metal with ultralow-latency networking and high-performance computing storage options.

Oracle’s AI supercomputing service supports thousands of Compute Bare Metal instances with Nvidia A100 GPUs, alongside Nvidia’s foundation models and AI training frameworks. This integrated approach underscores Oracle’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to its customers’ evolving needs.