Panasonic’s Lumix S9 is a Filter-Packed Compact Full-Frame Camera

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Key Takeaways

  • The new Lumix S9 is designed for social media content creation.
  • Its Look Up Table (LUT) feature lets you customize shots with color filters.
  • It shares much in common with the S5 II.

Panasonic has launched the Lumix S9, appealing directly to the social media generation with a mirrorless full-frame camera packed with various filter options.

The Lumix S9 is similar to the Lumix S5 ll, with the addition of a LUT (Look Up Table) button on the back.  That’s essentially an extensive color filter, allowing users to change the hues and detail of an image using a mathematical formula. The camera has over 80 ready-made filters, but you can make your own custom filters to add a personal touch. 

The device can hold up to 40 different LUTs at a time, but one is permanently stored for a V-log to 709 LUT.

Comparisons may be drawn to the Fujifilm X10VI with its various filter options, including the replication of Fujifilm film stocks, but Panasonic is aiming to stand out with creative options that reduce the need for later edits.

The Japanese multinational electronics firm is said to have polled young creators on their camera preferences and the outcome is a slim build, compact camera that still packs a punch.

To deliver the S9 in a compact size, Panasonic has omitted a few significant features. There is no viewfinder, flash, or mechanical shutter. That does make it easy to carry at 1.1lbs, however.

Lumix S9 shares the same sensor and processing engine as the S5 ll, which has proven to be more than sufficient for sports and wildlife photography in electric shutter mode. 

Further features are adopted from the S5 II, including the hardware support and image stabilization setup. A 24MP full-frame sensor is in place, with support for up to 30FPS focus drive as well as 6K, 4:2:0 10-bit video. There is also phase detect autofocus, a 96MP handheld multi-shot feature, and a battery which will power up to 470 shots per charge. USB-C power banks can keep the camera running.

The Lumix S9 is available now for $1,500 in a range of four colorways: jet black, crimson red, dark olive, and classical blue.