Pixel 9 Pro Prototype Hints at Smaller Screen, More Memory

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A Russian site claimed to have obtained photos and details of Google’s upcoming Pixel 9 Pro, including a memory upgrade.

Prototype images at Rozetked (shown below) supported earlier rumors the Pixel 9 Pro would be a mid-size phone with a 6.1-inch display. The Android 15 flagship is noticeably smaller than a 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max, but still has three rear cameras like other Pro Pixels. The line’s signature camera bar has been replaced by an island.

More notably, the device (nicknamed “Caiman” in its startup secquence) appears to have 16GB of RAM. If that holds in the finished model, it would represent a significant step up from the 12GB Pixel 8 Pro and help users who juggle many apps at once.

Leaked Pixel 9 Pro next to iPhone 14 Pro Max

The new high-end Pixel lineup is expected to include four models. The base Pixel 9 would have two rear cameras and otherwise represent the cut-back entry-level phone. A regular Pixel 9 Pro would offer high-end features without a larger screen, while a Pixel 9 Pro XL would add a larger 6.7-inch screen to the formula. A Pixel 9 Pro Fold (sometimes referred to as the Pixel Fold 2) would update Google’s foldable design.

All four Pixel 9 models are poised to use an improved Tensor G4 chip that may include a new modem with better data performance. There might also be MagSafe-inspired Qi2 wireless charging and camera upgrades.

The presence of 16GB of RAM in the Pixel 9 Pro wouldn’t be completely novel. Competing devices like the OnePlus 12 are available with that much memory. It’s still rare in the industry, though, and Samsung notably still stops at 12GB of RAM with its Galaxy S24 series.

Historically, Google has released new Pixels in or near October. The company hasn’t confirmed this Pixel 9 Pro is real, and there’s a possibility the hardware might change between the prototype and the finished product. If the leak proves accurate, though, the handset may be appealing to people who want a high-end Android phone without the usual large dimensions.