Pixel 9 Series Leaks: Google’s Big Play with Larger Pro XL Model

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Key Takeaways

  • Leaked Google Pixel 9 series suggests larger designs with flat sides and streamlined cameras, resembling iPhone aesthetics.
  • The lineup, including Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and the new Pixel 9 Pro XL, teases variations in screen size and camera functionality.
  • Expected features include Qi2 charging, Tensor G4 chipset, and diverse colors, with full details to be unveiled in late 2024.

The first glimpse of Google Pixel 9 has landed, suggesting the return of big phones with highly-anticipated series.

A leaked report from 91mobiles has set out the design specs of the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro, as well as the launch of Pixel 9 Pro XL, representing Google’s first venture into the larger format since the Pixel 5 range.

One of the talking points is the flat sides rather than rounded curves implemented for Pixel 9, as is more associated with the iPhone, while the rear camera bed has been slimmed down with a round feature.

Four 5k renders and a 360-degree video of the Pixel 9 that have surfaced give us a decent understanding of how the new smartphones will appear, with comparisons to previous models and rival offerings.

Possible Specifications of Google Pixel 9 Series

The flagship Pixel 9 reportedly measures 152.8 x 71.9 x 8.5mm and 12mm with the rear camera bump on top of the 6.03-inch display.

The Pixel 9 Pro will only surpass this with its 6.1-inch surface.
It will boast a triple-camera function compared to the dual-camera function on the Pixel 9.

The new series has been revealed in striking black, but other color options are likely to be complemented by the official unveiling of the models, which have been likened to the iPhone 15 and Galaxy S24.

At present, little is known about the detailed specs of the new devices expected to be released in the final quarter of 2024 beyond their appearance. One feature expected to be part of the setup is Qi2 charging technology, which sets a new standard for juicing up your phone at up to 15w speeds with magnetic alignment.

Google Pixel 9 is also likely to herald the arrival of the Tensor G4 chipset, but all of this and more will be revealed in the tech giant’s official launch. This leaked report adds to the anticipation of what will follow, and with a shake-up in design quite likely, the final confirmed lineup of the Google Pixel 9 is something to get excited about.