Porsche’s First Hybrid 911 Is the 2025 Carrera GTS

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Key Takeaways

  • Porsche has unveiled its first hybrid 911, the new Carrera GTS.
  • The electric assist gets the coupe to 62MPH in exactly three seconds.
  • The new 911 also has a refreshed design with a digital instrument cluster and next-gen Apple CarPlay.

As promised, Porsche has unveiled its first hybrid 911, the redesigned 2025 Carrera GTS — and it includes a few technological upgrades beyond the powertrain.

The inaugural 911 hybrid combines a 3.6L, 478HP boxer engine with an 11kW electric motor between the compressor and turbine wheel. That lets Porsche rely on just one turbocharger instead of two, improving power delivery and overall performance compared to earlier 911 models. Porsche claimed a 0-62MPH time of three seconds, and a top speed just under 194MPH.

There’s also a permanent magnet synchronous motor built into the new eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. That delivers both a 40kW power boost and up to an extra 110ft/lb of torque.

While this isn’t a conventional hybrid, Porsche said its “T-Hybrid” combo reduced CO2 emissions without adding significant weight. It’s 110lbs heavier than its predecessor.

In-cabin technology has also received a significant upgrade. This 911 generation is the first to have a digital instrument cluster — a 12.6-inch curved display replaces the conventional gauges. The approach might not appeal to purists, but does allow for seven views that include a “Classic” look that mimics earlier cars.

This is also the first Porsche to more substantially use Apple’s CarPlay interface. While it’s not next-generation, the iPhone integration can display info on the instrument cluster while giving you control over some car functions through Siri and other methods.

You can now stream videos on the 10.9-inch infotainment touchscreen while parked, and the center storage section adds a cooled smartphone compartment with wireless charging.

2025 Porsche Carrera GTS interior

There are numerous design changes inside and out. The exterior is more aerodynamic, and now comes with standard matrix LED headlights that eliminate the need for separate driving lights. That allows for more front cooling, Porsche said. Coupe models now have only two seats as standard, although you can add the usual two rear seats at no charge.

The automaker also touted improved suspension with rear-axle steering as standard. On the Carrera GTS, the anti-roll system is integrated with the hybrid engine to bolster flexibility and precision.

A conventional 911 Carrera with a revised 3L boxer engine is launching alongside the hybrid. It has reduced emissions even as it gets a slight bump to 389HP. Porsche said the base 911 could now reach 62MPH in 4.1 seconds and a top speed just below 183MPH.

Both new 911 variants are available to order today, with the Carrera GTS starting at $166,895 in the US. That’s a significant $14,345 increase over the outgoing car. The starting 911 Carrera costs $122,095, or $9,345 more than its equivalent. All-wheel drive, cabriolet, and targa models should come starting in the fall.

Porsche has long said it would make a 911 hybrid, but has also ruled out an all-electric version this decade. The German badge has instead focused its near-term EV plans on the Taycan sedan and Macan SUV. That’s not surprising. The 911 earned its reputation as a lightweight performance car, and current EV batteries would weigh it down. T-Hybrid lets the company lower its lineup’s overall emissions without alienating fans of its most iconic sports car.