Raspberry Pi Steps Into the AI Arena With A $70 Kit

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Key Takeaways

  • Raspberry Pi has unveiled an AI kit for its mini computers.
  • The kit offers more computing power for on-device AI.
  • It's available for $70.

The AI wave has caught the attention of Raspberry Pi, the popular single-board computer company. In its first major stride into the artificial intelligence (AI) space, the company has announced its new AI Kit, equipped with the Hailo-8L AI accelerator.

Developed in collaboration with chipmaker Hailo, the Raspberry Pi AI Kit features the Hailo-8L, a scaled-down version of the previously announced Hailo-8 chip. Despite its compact size, the Hailo-8L packs a punch, delivering 13 tera-operations per second (TOPS) of performance at INT8.

While the Hailo-8L’s performance may not match the latest AI-capable chips from tech giants like AMD, Intel, Apple, and Qualcomm, it’s a remarkable achievement for a small, low-cost device like the Raspberry Pi. The AI Kit is priced at $70, and is now available through Raspberry Pi resellers worldwide.

In a press release, Raspberry Pi claimed Hailo-8L’s low power consumption sets it apart. The chip consumes approximately one watt of power for every three TOPS of performance, with a maximum power consumption of around five watts. Typically, it operates at just one or two watts for “typical” workloads, making it a cost-effective solution for AI tasks on edge devices.

With the introduction of the AI Kit, the recently released Raspberry Pi 5 has now become an AI-capable computer. Raspberry Pi has updated its suite of camera applications to support neural network inferencing as part of the camera pipeline.

The AI Kit represents a significant performance boost for the Raspberry Pi 5. Previously, Raspberry Pi users relied on cloud-based AI processing for tasks like object detection. With the AI Kit, some of these AI workloads can now be processed directly on the Raspberry Pi, reducing the need for constant connectivity.