Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Now Do Video Calls and Mixed-Mode AI

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Key Takeaways

  • Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses now handle video calls on Messenger and WhatsApp.
  • They also use Meta AI to describe and translate what you're seeing.
  • New frames also fit a wider variety of people.

Ray-Ban and Meta have updated their smart glasses with not just new styles, but new features that include video calling and more advanced AI.

You can now use the glasses to share your view in a Messenger or WhatsApp call. This can help show what you’re seeing during a trip, or help family at home offer shopping advice. The feature is coming “gradually” to Ray-Ban Meta glasses, so it may take a while to reach your eyewear.

The companies have also brought Meta AI to the glasses. As tested starting in December, you can now use the device for multimodal (that is, multiple content elements like text and imagery) tasks. You can ask the glasses to identify an unfamiliar landmark, or to translate a menu in a foreign language.

Meta AI is only available on the Ray-Ban glasses in the U.S. and Canada at present. Like before, you can say “hey Meta” to invoke the assistant.

The glasses also offer a wider range of styles to accommodate more people and their tastes. Cat eye-like Skyler frames are better-suited to small faces, while a low-bridge variant of the Headliner helps those whose glasses don’t always fit well.

The brands are venturing into limited edition models for the first time, too. You can soon get Ray-Ban Meta glasses in a Scuderia Ferrari scheme in time for Formula 1’s Miami Grand Prix in early May.

The Ferrari variant will be available as of April 24th. The Skyler and Headliner expansions are ready to pre-order today and will ship to 15 countries that include the US, Canada, Australia, and European nations.

The wearable has been a surprising success for Ray-Ban and Meta, to the point where manufacturing partner EssilorLuxottica has had to ramp up production to keep up with demand. Video calls, Meta AI, and more designs aren’t guaranteed to sustain that momentum, but they could provide a further advantage over challengers like Humane’s ill-received AI Pin.