Razer’s Kishi Ultra Mobile Game Controller Has Console-like Haptics

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  • Razer has unveiled the Kishi Ultra mobile game controller with advanced haptics.
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Razer has unveiled what it claims is a first-of-its-kind mobile game controller, the Kishi Ultra.

The USB-C peripheral gives Android, iPhone 15, and iPad mini gamers “console grade” control that includes advanced haptics, according to Razer. The haptic coils in each handle are reportedly stronger and finer-detailed than typical gamepads.

The controls themselves are console-sized, including the thumb sticks and analog triggers. You’ll also find programmable left and right buttons. This being Razer, there’s also Chroma RGB lighting to add visual immersion.

The Kishi Ultra is also compatible with PCs. The controller design also allows room for popular cases, so you shouldn’t have to remove your phone’s protection just to play.

On Android, a Virtual Controller Mode brings gamepad support to some games that were previously limited to on-screen input.

The Kishi Ultra is available now for $150 (€170). If you don’t need its full feature set, there’s also a new Kishi V2 USB C controller that gives Android and iPhone 15 owners analog triggers, programmable macros, and other perks in a more compact form factor. It’s shipping for $100 (€120).

There’s no guarantee you’ll make full use of the haptics on the Kishi Ultra. Custom experiences come through a special developer kit, with other Android and PC titles using audio-to-haptics feedback. The large controls should still be useful no matter what you play, however.

The controller also comes right as mobile gaming is entering a new phase. Apple, for example, has encouraged developers to bring full-fledged console games to the iPhone 15 Pro, including Resident Evil: Village and Death Stranding. The company also recently allowed cloud gaming services and emulators on the App Store, opening the possibility of playing both PC and vintage console titles. A gamepad like the Kishi Ultra might be a good fit for that expanded catalog.