Samsung Considers Squarish Design for New Galaxy Watch

Key Takeaways

  • Samsung may return to square design for Galaxy Watch, departing from its circular aesthetic.
  • The move hints at a revival of Samsung's early models, like the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, and Gear Live.

Samsung is reportedly revisiting the squarish design for its Galaxy Watch, diverging from the circular aesthetic that has characterized the brand in recent years.

Sources told Samsung-focused media SamMobile that the company is eager to explore its roots by considering a return to the square design.

It has been over a decade since Samsung introduced its initial square-shaped smartwatch model. The 2013 debut of the Samsung Galaxy Gear might come to mind, featuring a 1.6-inch square-shaped Super AMOLED screen, a common design trait among its contemporaries.

Lately, Samsung’s smartwatches have been recognized for their round face, a look that has won over many fans since it was first introduced.

If rumors are true, Samsung hints at a revival of a design reminiscent of its early models, such as the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, and Gear Live. These earlier versions laid the foundation for Samsung’s venture into the smartwatch arena. However, the brand’s adoption of a round face design, starting with the Gear S2, overshadowed them.

This model was notable for its round face and physical rotating bezel, a feature that has been a consistent element across Samsung’s smartwatch offerings, including the latest Galaxy Watch 5 series.

It remains uncertain whether Samsung will introduce this design overhaul with the forthcoming Galaxy Watch 7 series or postpone the change to a later date.

Internal discussions suggest a strong inclination towards reintroducing the square design. This indicates a potential shift in Samsung’s design strategy.

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