Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra: Expected Release Date, Price, Colors, Features

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For many Samsung Galaxy lovers, the luxury and premium quality the Galaxy S series Ultra model brings is fascinating. Since 2020 till date, Samsung has reserved its best S series specs for the Ultra models.

In the current S24 Ultra edition, features like Gorilla Glass Armor and Titanium frame were exclusively used.

All these have raised the anticipation for what the next Samsung Galaxy Ultra model — the Galaxy S25 Ultra — might bring.

While the Galaxy S25 Ultra may not come out until at least early 2025, we’ve been treated to some leaks, rumors, and compelling speculations.

We can expect the Galaxy S25 Ultra to have a stronger titanium build, a newer processor, a larger camera sensor, faster storage capability, and plenty of Galaxy AI features, perhaps much more than we have seen in the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

As the speculations heat up, here is everything we know so far.

When Will the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra Be Released?

Estimated Launch: January – February 2025

Samsung usually launches its Galaxy S series early in the year, between January and March. Going by this same potter, we expect to see the Samsung S25 Ultra launched in January or February 2025.

No specific date is known yet, but we expect an official announcement from Samsung towards the end of 2024.

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra New Features

Battery AI, Gemini Nano 2, and UI 7 on Android 15

Galaxy S24 Ultra packed a lot of great features, which contributed to the momentum it pulled when it launched. So we don’t see Samsung stepping down on improvements in its future generation of smartphones, most especially the ultra model.

Just like in the current Samsung S24 Ultra model, we expect artificial intelligence to be the heartbeat of most functions of the Galaxy S25 Ultra.

This includes a feature called Battery AI, which aims to improve battery efficiency with AI integration — a rumor from Sawyer Galox on X that there will be no increase in battery capacity in the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra flagship phone.

Also, by the time the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra arrives in 2025, Android 15 will have been launched. So, we expect Samsung S25 Ultra to run on this new version of Android OS.

In addition to this newer Android OS, the Galaxy S25 Ultra is expected to run version 2 of Google’s AI model, Gemini Nano.

The first version is already powering the Samsung S24 series, so it’s safe to assume Gemini Nano 2 will be present to power the next generation of Galaxy AI features in Galaxy S25 Ultra.

Away from these new features, Galaxy S25 Ultra is expected to come with a 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, similar to the one we have in Samsung S24 Ultra. This is confirmed by a popular leaker on the X, Ice Universe.

Again, Gorilla Glass Armor which was introduced recently in Galaxy S24 Ultra may be retained in Samsung S25 Ultra.

Galaxy S25 Ultra Specs and Hardware

Upgraded Processor, Better Image Sensor, Faster Storage?

We do not expect a significant change in the Galaxy S25 Ultra design. Samsung will likely upgrade to a stronger titanium build, but the overall size is likely to remain the same.

However, there are rumors Samsung is working on new front designs with a tweak on the frame and bezels.

Since the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 processor is hitting the market later this year, we expect to see this upgraded processor in the Samsung S25 Ultra next year.

It is rumored that this Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 will not have any low-power efficiency cores. Instead, it will have two big high-performance Phoenix cores and six medium-performance Phoenix cores, with one of them clocking at 4GHz speeds or even more.

In another leak on X by Ice Universe, the Samsung S25 Ultra storage chip is expected to have double what we have in the current model.

With that we can see the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra storage chip running at 8GB/second, up from the 4GB/second we have in S24 Ultra. This could also be a major boost for all the Galaxy AI features that Samsung S25 Ultra is expected to have.

Some rumors also suggest that Samsung might add some inches to the 200MP ISOCELL image sensor on the Galaxy S25 Ultra main camera.

However, Ice Universe’s leak on X contradicts this rumor, hinting that the camera setup in Galaxy S25 Ultra will likely remain the same as its immediate predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra Colors

Since Samsung produced its first-ever titanium frame on a phone, color variations in their S series Ultra models have also increased. Samsung S24 Ultra was released in seven standard colors: Titanium Black, Titanium Yellow, Titanium Gray, Titanium Violet, Titanium Green, Titanium Blue and Titanium Orange.

We have not heard any leaks regarding an additional color, but can assume Samsung will likely retain these colors in the Galaxy S25 Ultra.

Galaxy S24 Ultra vs. Galaxy S25 Ultra

Galaxy S24 Ultra ushered in a lot of advanced features, but Samsung S25 Ultra is even poised to offer more. Here is how they will likely compare.

Features/ specs Galaxy S24 Ultra Galaxy S25 Ultra 
System chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 (4 nm) Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 (3 nm)
Operating System  Android 14 Will likely run on Android 15
Colors  Titanium Black, Titanium Yellow, Titanium Gray, Titanium Violet, Titanium Green, Titanium Blue and Titanium Orange. Galaxy S25 Ultra will likely ship with the same colors.
Storage chip speed  4GB/secs Rumored to be 8GB/secs
Google AI model Gemini Nano Gemini Nano 2
Dynamic AMOLED Display  6.8 inches Rumored to remain 6.8 inches
Battery  5000mAh Galaxy S25 Ultra battery may likely retain 5000mAh battery capacity but Battery AI could be the key differentiator
Base price $1299.99 May likely remain $1299.99 or more

Galaxy S25 Ultra Price Rumors

Expected Base Price: $1299.99

While the cost of raw materials may have gone up including the cost of the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset which Samsung uses in all the recent Galaxy S series Ultra models, Samsung may likely not increase the price of Galaxy S25 Ultra further, since they have already done so in Samsung S24 Ultra. If this is the case, then we expect Galaxy S25 Ultra to launch at $1299.99 for the 256GB of storage; $1419.99 for the 512GB of storage; and $1659.99 for the 1TB of storage.

The Bottom Line

Galaxy S series Ultra models are one of the best premium Samsung phones that keep Galaxy lovers awed in utility. 2025 might still be months away, but the cravings, the appetites, and the anticipation for the Galaxy S25 Ultra are undeniably high.

We just hope that all the speculations on this premium phone come to reality. However, one thing is certain — we will have plenty of AI features coming onboard. And maybe, a newer processor, faster storage, and overall, a stronger titanium build in the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra.


Is Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra Coming Out?

When Will the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra Come Out?

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