Samsung’s 2024 Gaming and Smart Monitors Offer AI Upscaling

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Key Takeaways

  • Samsung has officially launched its 2024 monitors.
  • The Odyssey OLED G8 and Smart Monitor M8 include AI upscaling.
  • The G8 costs $1,300, while the new M8 sells for $700.

Samsung has officially released its 2024 gaming and productivity monitor lineups, and the focus this year is on AI-driven enhancements.

The 32-inch, 4K-native Odyssey OLED G8 is Samsung’s first OLED-based gaming monitor to use AI upscaling. An NQ8 Gen 3 processor (borrowed from the company’s latest 8K TVs) can scale low-resolution content to “nearly 4K” through both the Samsung Gaming Hub and built-in Smart TV apps.  You may not need to wait for a remastered game to get better visuals.

Both the G8 and the 27-inch, 1440p Odyssey OLED G6 also include new protections against OLED burn-in, including a pulsating heat pipe, a coolant system, and lowered brightness for static content like taskbars.

Neither display is particularly bright at a typical 250 nits, but they promise glare reduction that shouldn’t compromise color accuracy even in daylight. FreeSync Premium Pro support should also eliminate screen tearing with supporting GPUs. The G8 delivers up to 240Hz, while the G6’s lower resolution helps it reach 360Hz.

The Odyssey OLED G8 will sell for $1,300, while the G6 costs $900. While both are expensive, it’s more affordable than existing Samsung OLED gaming monitors that tend to have curved ultra-wide screens.

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 (2024)

The 2024 Smart Monitor M8 delivers similar near-4K AI upscaling as well as AI audio monitoring to boost voices. If you have Samsung Galaxy Buds, you can pair them with the M8 to get spatial audio.

The M8 and the lower-end M5 and M7 models all add a Workout Tracker that can display live health data on the screen when paired with a Galaxy Watch.

The updated Smart Monitor M8 is a 32-inch 4K model with an included SlimFit webcam, and sells for $700. The M7 also manages 4K in 32- ($400) and 43-inch ($500) sizes, but without the M8’s webcam or signature design. An entry-level M5 tops out at 1080p in 27- ($280) and 32-inch ($300) models.

Samsung also has no-frills ViewFinity monitors aimed at workstation users. The top-end ViewFinity S8 delivers 4K in 27- and 32-inch sizes ($400 and $450 respectively) along with a KVM switch and USB hub that supplies up to 90W for your laptop. The ViewFinity S7 comes in similar sizes ($350 and $400) with a less advanced USB hub.

Those who need the basics can opt for the ViewFinity S6, which offers 1440p output in 24-, 27-, and 32-inch sizes and the S8’s upgraded hub on the S60UD. We’re still waiting on pricing from Samsung for those monitors.