Skybound Launches Crowdfunding for Invincible Project

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Key Takeaways

  • Skybound Entertainment launches a crowdfunding campaign on Republic to develop a new AAA "Invincible" video game.
  • Fans can invest in Skybound's IP starting at $100, joining the development led by industry veterans and creator Robert Kirkman.
  • The campaign, offering perks to investors, emphasizes direct engagement and contribution from fans to Skybound's creative ventures.

Skybound Entertainment, the studio behind iconic franchises like The Walking Dead and Invincible: Atom Eve, has initiated a Regulation Crowdfunding (CF) campaign on Republic.

This move represents Skybound’s second public equity offering, building upon a successful $18 million raise from over 6,000 investors in 2023.

With a minimum investment of just $100, fans can own a stake in Skybound’s Intellectual properties.

Proceeds from the campaign will fuel the in-house development of an upcoming AAA video game based on the hit series Invincible, which recently concluded its highly acclaimed second season on Prime Video with a 100% Certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Skybound’s newly formed 30-person studio will oversee the development of the Invincible video game. The studio comprises seasoned industry veterans from known game studios like Activision Blizzard, EA, Amazon Games, and even creator Robert Kirkman himself.

David Alpert, CEO of Skybound Entertainment, expressed enthusiasm for the campaign and emphasized the company’s commitment to engaging directly with its audience.

“At Skybound, we prioritize fostering meaningful connections with our audience, and this initiative allows fans to not only immerse themselves in the world of Invincible but also to directly contribute to its expansion,” the executive said.

Investors participating in the campaign will receive various perks and rewards, from discounted merchandise to exclusive behind-the-scenes access. The offering will close on April 29, 2024.

For context, Skybound Entertainment’s gaming ventures are known for their heavily narrative-driven experiences, where player choices significantly impact the unfolding storyline. The firm acquired Telltale Games in 2018, just in time to complete the last season of its Walking Dead franchise.

At the time of writing, the studio’s crowdfunding campaign has received 166 contributions, totaling $451,210 raised. For more information and to explore investment opportunities, interested parties can visit the official campaign page on Republic.