Sony ULT Wireless Headphones and Speakers Focus on Crushing Bass

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Key Takeaways

  • Sony has introduced an ULT Power Sound line of wireless headphones and speakers that revolves around deep bass.
  • The ULT Wear headphones have a bass boost button, while the Tower 10 speaker delivers 360-degree sound.
  • The initial lineup arrives this spring, starting at $129.

Sony is targeting Beats and Ultimate Ears with a new ULT Power Sound range of Bluetooth headphones and speakers emphasizing “massive” bass.

The newly introduced lineup centers on an ULT button that, like on some classic audio devices, boosts bass for dance music, rap and other genres where low-end sounds are key. An ULT1 mode delivers “deeper, lower frequency” bass, while ULT2 provides “more powerful, punchier” sounds.

Sony's ULT wireless headphones and speakers focus on crushing bass
Sony’s ULT wireless headphones | Source: Sony

The only headphones in the current mix, the ULT Wear, promise to meld deep bass with the technology you’d expect from modern Sony hardware. The over-ears use the same chipset as in 1000X-series headphones, but use drivers built for the ULT line. They support 360-degree (aka spatial) audio, dual-mic active noise cancellation, and automatic audio switching for two paired devices.

ULT Wear arrives later this spring for $200.

Sony ULT Tower 10 wireless speaker
Sony ULT Tower 10 wireless speaker | Source: Sony

The speaker series is headlined by the party-oriented ULT Tower 10 (pictured at middle). On top of its 139W power draw, it touts both 360-degree sound as well as a 360-degree “Party Light” that syncs with your music. Up to 100 speakers can link together, and an included wireless microphone makes this a high-end option for karaoke. It can also double as a guitar amp.

Further speakers are aimed more at Ultimate Ears’ UE Boom series and other portable models. The ULT Field 7 is a carry-anywhere design with a 30-hour battery life as well as IP67 resistance to dust and water. It too offers lighting and guitar input, although you’ll need to supply your own mic for karaoke.

The ULT Field 1 is the compact option and only has a single bass boost mode along with 12 hours of battery life. IP67 resistance and a strap make it easier to carry, but it can work whether it’s vertical or on its side.

The speakers also debut this spring starting at $129 for the ULT Field 1, $499 for the Field 7, and $1,199 for the Tower 10.