Sony Will Let Anyone Join Your PS5 Multiplayer Game With A Link

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Key Takeaways

  • Sony will let you invite others to PS5 games through a link, even if you're not PSN friends.
  • You can use either the

Sony said it will update the PS5 and PlayStation App to let you invite anyone to your multiplayer game through a link you can share through any chat or social media service.

The feature will help others join PS5 multiplayer sessions even if they aren’t already friends on the PlayStation Network (PSN). The app will generate a link directly, while the console itself will also create a QR code to scan with your phone.

This should work consistently for supported PS5 games. Sony warned that a “small percentage” of titles might need an update for the joining process to work smoothly. In Discord, you’ll get a widget that tells you how many people are already in a given session.

PS5 multiplayer link sharing will be available in the “coming months,” Sony said. At the same time, the company is also prepping the option to share your PSN profile as a link. The option will be available through the PlayStation App, the PS5, or on the web.

The move should reduce the friction involved in starting an online game. You can play with new friends that much sooner, or bring in a guest without committing to a PSN contact you might not want to keep.

For Sony, the advantages are clear. The more players are interested in creating and joining PS5 multiplayer games, the more are likely to both sign up for PSN and stick to the console. That could keep gamers from drifting to the Xbox or Switch.