Sony’s 2024 Bravia 4K TVs Are More Powerful (and Less Confusing)

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Key Takeaways

  • Sony has revealed its 2024 Bravia TV lineup.
  • The new sets include faster processors, brighter screens, and much simpler naming schemes.
  • Starting prices range from $600 for the Bravia 3 to $3,300 for the Bravia 9.

Sony has launched a 2024 Bravia TV lineup that’s brighter, faster, and much easier to understand.

Instead of arbitrary letters and numbers, the 2024 Sony 4K TV range is divided into four easy-to-grasp models dictated by their display technology. The flagship is the Bravia 9 Mini LED, followed by the Bravia 8 OLED, Bravia 7 Mini LED, and entry-level Bravia 3 LED.

The Bravia 7, 8, and 9 all use a new XR Processor that uses scene recognition to optimize picture quality. This includes a new Prime Video Calibrated Mode that, like the Netflix and Sony Pictures Core modes, fine-tunes the image on Amazon’s streaming service. Voice Zoom 3, meanwhile, improves the clarity of dialogue with newer Sony soundbars.

All three have 120Hz panels, gaming-friendly variable refresh rates thanks to HDMI 2.1, and source-based tone mapping that improves accuracy.

The 2024 Bravia 9 TV is about 50% brighter than last year’s X95L, Sony said. It also boasts 325% more local dimming zones, and has upward-firing tweeters to provide more “cinematic” surround sound.

The 2024 Bravia 8, meanwhile, is 31% thinner than the previous year’s OLED counterpart, with narrower bezels.  While a mid-range set, the Bravia 7 represents a major upgrade in accurate, high-contrast lighting with over the X90L with 790% more dimming zones.

The starter Bravia 3 is capped at 60Hz and uses an earlier HDR Processor X1 chip. It uses 8% less power than its 2023 equivalent, however.

Some of the 2024 Sony TV lineup is already available to pre-order today. Prices for the Bravia 3 series vary from $600 for a 43-inch set to $1,800 for an 85-inch version. The Bravia 7 begins at $1,900 for a 55-inch TV and tops out at $3,500 for an 85-inch screen. The Bravia 8 ranges from $2,000 for a 55-inch panel to $3,900 for a 77-inch display. For the Bravia 9, you’ll pay between $3,300 for a 65-inch set and $5,500 for an 85-inch model.

You will need to be patient for some of the features. The Prime Video mode and Voice Zoom 3 won’t be available until a firmware update arrives sometime this summer.

Sony 2024 Bravia soundbars
Sony 2024 Bravia soundbars | Source: Sony press release

Sony has also revamped its home theater audio selection to match the 2024 TV upgrades. The Bravia Theater Bar 8, Bravia Theater Bar 9, and high-end Bravia Theater Quad can all create “phantom speakers” that produce a spatial audio effect. They also auto-tune their speakers to optimize for room layouts, and can sync with your TV to produce a fuller sound.

The four-piece Bravia Theater Quad includes 16 speakers with the option of a wireless subwoofer. Bravia Theater Bar 9 has 13 speakers, while Theater Bar 8 uses 11. They all support Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and IMAX Enhanced audio, and include wireless streaming from Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth, and Spotify Connect.

The soundbars ship later this spring at $1,000 for the Bravia Theater Bar 8, $1,400 for Theater Bar 9, and $2,500 for Theater Quad. There’s also a $300 Bravia Theater U neckband speaker that gives you personal surround sound that won’t disturb the rest of the home.